Two Wounded Birds – Margate’s Dreaming

For definitive proof of just how extensive the current lo-fi rock’n’roll revolution has become, look no further than Margate’s Two Wounded Birds. I love the fact that despite being totally pitch-perfect with their pierced-tweeter bubblegum-boogie, they still look like they come from Margate.

Mandatory lo-fi polaroid snap from the night in question

Jon Pierce emailed me a few weeks before The Drums played Radar’s night -Radar Live- saying that he’d refuse to play unless these lot were added to the bill. His insistence was justified, they were brill. I got talking to the band after and they were all such lovely chaps. The frontman dead-pan introduced himself to me as ‘Johnny Danger’, bless his cotton socks. From what I’ve heard they’re going to be the first hard-copy release on Jacob’s Holiday Records imprint.They gave me the below song to give you. I was trying to figure out which Eddie Cochran song it has the same intro as. Until I realised it kinda has the same intro as every Eddie Cochran song.

Two Wounded Birds – ‘Summer Dream’