New York newcomer Vagabon circuits fear and dread on ‘Minneapolis’

The Cameroon-born musician’s debut album is out February 24

Vagabon, aka Lætitia Tamko, makes short-lived, frenzied noise out of real life turmoil. New song ‘Minneapolis’ is about a recent, hair-raising flight home, where a renegade pilot “was flying like an intern.” She made it back in one piece, and the resulting track fittingly sounds like a swerving vehicle zig-zagging through clouds, one step away from complete disaster.

“It’s a weird, triumphant song. When I’m writing about getting through something – something triumphant – it comes out as the opposite,” the Cameroon-born, New York-based musician told Billboard. ‘Minneapolis’ does indeed scale several emotions at once. Spiky, ragged guitars hint at destruction, while Tamko’s earnest vocal sings about “holding onto my breath”. In the end, a tale of one nightmarish flight becomes a metaphor for leaving home and moving to new places. “I can’t go back to the place where I once was / Old home, where I was born,” she sings. Whatever her final destination, Vagabon’s future is blindingly bright.

Vagabon – Minneapolis by Father/Daughter Records

PRE-ORDER LP/CD/DIGITAL: ‘Infinite Worlds’ out February 24, 2017

Vagabon’s debut album ‘Infinite Worlds’ is out February 24 via Father / Daughter Records.

She plays a debut UK show at London’s Waiting Room, May 25.