New Music Of The Day: VANT – ‘Do You Know Me?’

I’m down, I’m tired, I’m broke, I wanted something more”. There goes Mattie Vant, frontman of indie rock band VANT, casually summing up 21st century life in 10 words. It’s something they do with ease on a consistent basis and they’ve done it again on ‘Do You Know Me?’.

In a brisk two-and-a-half minutes, the group smash together garage-rock sensibilities and massive pop hooks, resulting in a song that’s not just protesting the isolation of modern life but tempting you into the moshpit to shake it all off. That right there is VANT’s finest quality – a sense of escapism and activism working at the same time.

Having just announced their debut album ‘Dumb Blood’, Mattie Vant explains a bit more why he feels protest in music is more crucial than ever 2017: “Every time we play a show it’s a form of activism, a form of protest. I wanted to do something that means something, that could have a positive impact. For me, rock music has always gone hand-in-hand with making a stand, being at the forefront of a movement and trying to change the world.

VANT’s debut album ‘Dumb Blood’ is out on February 17 via Parlophone.