Vera’s stunning debut EP is a necessary listen to warm you up this winter

For the last couple months, you’ll have seen us harping on about Vera – aka Danish producer William Asingh – who’s releasing his debut EP, ‘Good Job No Conversation’ today. We’ve had a fair bit of Vera music thus far, mind. He’s worked with fellow rising Danish acts like Liss and Off Bloom, and even worked with the country’s huge pop export on her latest EP.

But this is all Vera (with a few friends on hand). There’s horns, latin-flavoured guitars, uber-smooth melodies – and even a James Blake cover. It’s an essential listen whether you listen to it as we slide into winter or on a beach in the baltic. But that’s just how he likes it…

When did you decide that these songs had to be a solo release?


I’ve been on tour with Liss and a lot of time in the tour bus I was just making beat. When I got home I just went into a lot of sessions with people. I was just trying to make a lot of pop tracks that I want to give to other artists. But then on the last day I had this beat [debut single ‘In and Out Of Love’] and I realised I have to keep this. From this moment, I had a very clean vision of the whole aesthetic that I wanted and I didn’t think it could fit anywhere else.

What influenced you when putting together the aesthetic for this?

I watched a lot of old TV series from Copenhagen from the ’90s and the millennium – so from these series I imagined what the Copenhagen lifestyle was at that moment – from jazz shows to hip-hop and R&B. I think it’s very modern interpretation of those references.

What images do you hope this EP conjures for people?

My thought has really been just around, Scandinavia and in the ’90s. Then, there was this French bistro café movement and every café would serve Rosé and Cappuccinos and all that. But I think that you could be sitting in Copenhagen and dreaming about something warm but you are in this cold. This EP has these two aspects colliding that was definitely my inspiration.


You worked with  on her latest EP. What was that experience like?

It was really good. She’s just just so amazing. I think the way she does the pop star thing is just really admirable and she just stays true her roots. I guess that there must’ve been big pressure on her because she’s got all those big feature tracks and then it’s just really nice that she does this, actually quite mellow EP. I think it’s very brave and I think people will respect her for that.

‘Good Job No Conversation’ is out now