Veronica Falls – Gazing Deeper Into Tomorrow (Exclusive New’un)

It’s always brill when a band comes along who miraculously can breathe something inspiring into a seemingly pillaged ex-sound du jour. So when Veronica Falls -a top-trump rundown of ex-members of Royal We, Sexy Kids and Your Twenties– popped up mid last year, lots of knit-wear-enamoured chaps with shirts buttoned up past their chins got all in a lather. With good reason.

They’re grazing the same pastures as the 3,478 other twee-gaze echo-pervs that surfaced over the last 18 months or so, but there’s something new there. It’s not even that there’s anything especially innovative or progressive or even different about them musically. It’s more that rather than abusing a style for posturing’s sake, with these guys you believe them. It feels like their musical mould is means of channelling a deep-seated calling to make us *sigh*, in that trembling half-blissful, half-wistful way. It’s grainy, sexy, lost-afternoon-spent-lamenting-the-ones-that-got-away-type affair. A truly heartening arrival for the gaze-crazed cardigan soldiers, new lifeblood. We’re all loved up. Now you can be too with this brand new exclusive download below.

Plus, it’s a first. The first release through hyper-buzz US no-fi Captured Tracks on which you actually stand a chance of making out any of the words whatsoever.

Veronica Falls – ‘Starry Eyes’