Video Exclusive – Fryars, ‘Love So Cold’

Fryars Mark II could not sound more different. The now 22-year-old Benjamin Garrett released ‘Dark Young Hearts’ in 2009. He was known as FrYars then, and the record was guitar-based pop tinged with 80s vibes (Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode contributed guest vocals). ‘Love So Cold’ is the first example of his new material. Released about a week ago, it’s spectral, electronic, expansive and beautiful. This reinvention will definitely be one to watch.


We’re chuffed to premiere the video on It’s a dreamy film that casts Garrett as a lonely flâneur wandering around the capital. We had a little chat with him about what it all means.

What is that weird oily tentacly stuff at the beginning of the video?

They’re Davy Evans’ neurological and chemical renderings of the night’s events.

How do you keep warm when you’re walking around the streets of London at night?

With a functional and utilitarian sense of style and layers of technical Gore-Tex.

The Olympics guy Wenlock is in your video. Who is your favourite cartoon character?



What would you eat on a night out in Soho?

Japanese, at Kyoto on Romilly Street.

What are those weird jellyfish embryos towards the end of the video and what do they mean?

They’re an extension of the aforementioned tentacles. A tentacle being itself, an extension.