Video Premiere – Ava Luna, ‘Sears Roebuck M&Ms’

Ava Luna are basically Brooklyn indie’s answer to John Carpenter’s The Thing – a chameleonic, shapeshifting monster of a band who, over the course of one album, their mesmerisingly inventive debut ‘Electric Balloon’, twist, turn and corkscrew through as eclectic a sprawl of sounds as you’ll hear all year. Opener ‘Daydream’ is a violent, disco-speckled Talking Heads-ish post-punk joyride. ‘Plain Speech’ is this four-and-a-half minute explosion of gritty get-up-and-go guitars that tumble into a huge Dirty Projectors chorus, before the analogue electro James Murphy-isms of the album’s title track and woozy last-dance-at-prom feel of R&B slow jam ‘PRPL’.

‘Sears Roebuck M&Ms’, on the other hand, is the record’s most wonderfully weird moment – a fact reflected in its new video. Directed by Norris Guncheo and edited by the group’s own Becca Kauffman, the clip captures the song’s dark, delirious nympho-pop vibes in surreal, shadowy hues. If you dig it, ‘Electric Balloon’ is available now on Western Vinyl. Bet you won’t regret it.