Villa Nah – Helsinki’s Synth-Pop Resistance

The like of Hurts might be catching the current trend-spotters glacial gleam. But with the Manchester duo’s Italian brogues increasingly slotting in the Bigtime popster shoe rack between Ellie Goulding’s sequined high-tops and The Drums battered Chucks, those hankering something a little less, erm, tipped, are in luck.

Since rumours surfaced-no matter how falsified/confused/salacious- regarding ex-Fame Academy plinky-Gremlin David Sneddon getting involved in Hurts’ major label-anchored writing process, the need for an underground reprieve has felt paramount.

Step up then Juho and Tomi aka Villa Nah, Finland’s Number One synth-pop duo. From the land where winters last eleven months and daytime comprises a 30-minute window of dull, chilled sunlight at about 1.30pm in between the enveloping curtains of pitch-black comes an OMD-indebted stream of sultry electronic pop music.

Imported to these shores by the folks responsible for Heartbreak, here’s their new single, ‘Rainmaker’.