Let Vinyl Staircase take you to lysergic heaven on new single ‘German Wings’

The Dorking four-piece are stepping things up on their latest track

It’s fair to say Dorking isn’t all that well known for producing big names in any creative field. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder apparently recorded ‘Ebony And Ivory’ there, in 10CC members Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart’s now-defunct Strawberry Studios South, but actor Laurence Olivier is the small Surrey town’s biggest shout for star native, born there in 1907. Clearly, there’s a gap in the market for some hometown heroes and local teenagers Vinyl Staircase sound like they’re earmarking that spot for themselves.

It’s still relatively early days for the band, who you might remember from ace 2015 EP ‘Aquarelle’. Since then they’ve turned 18, left school and, on the evidence of this new offering, been honing their skills even more. New self-produced single ‘German Wings’ is the sound of them getting things really properly kicked off. It’s lysergic and serene, but with plenty of bite and crunch, too. Rays of gleaming psych guitars chime over stamping drums and gorgeous lyrics like “And your mouth reads my lips/And she’s arching her hips“, sung in a soft, hypnotic almost-whisper. It’s intoxicating and entrancing, and a smooth statement of intent. Sleep on this and you’ll seriously regret it.

Listen below and catch Vinyl Staircase at the following shows:

London, Birthdays (January 19)
Bournemouth, The Winchester (20)
London, The Shacklewell Arms (27)

German Wings by Vinyl Staircase

Recorded and Produced by Vinyl Staircase. Mastered by Metropolis Studios. Cover Photography by Elena Grazia