VRWRK’s ‘Hearts Beating In Sync’ is the house-banger to round out the summer

Earlier this year, VRWRK (previously VUURWERK) burst onto our radar with the explosive, brooding ‘Face It’ – an electro-pop triumph. But we knew little about the Belgian trio other than they make amazing music, and just happen to be psychoanalysts by day. Not a bad intro.

New song ‘Hearts Beating In Sync’ – a banging house number that successfully stakes its claim as being the perfect closing song of a sweltering summer party – and it’s video reveal more about the group and the thriving Run Tell Secrecy collective they’re a part of. Here then, they explain just what’s what.

“Run Tell Secrecy is a creative platform driven by authenticity, human emotions, and the alternative truth,” they say. It’s everything around the music that isn’t the music. It’s our record label. It’s our recording studio. It’s the videos we make with friends, our visual thinking, and most recently the apparel we’ve designed.”