Wall Build On The Hype With Doomy New Track ‘Milk’

I like how dark Wall are. There’s nothing they’re released so far to suggest they’re at all interested in safe pop songs. Maybe that will change over time, but having seem them perform a gig in New York which was closer to art house project than indie club racket, I hope they stick to their guns.

‘Milk’ is, in my opinion, the best track they’ve released to date – all chugging riffs that make me think of 60s bands who were all about the groove like The Standells, and a shedload of great, obsessive compulsive lyrics from singer Sam York. The best bit is when she slips out of singer-mode (influences: Nico, Patti Smith, Devo, Andrew Savage) and starts cat-calling stuff about “2000 feline mistresses laying all over the cobblestone”, sounding like David Johansen at 2am on a rainy sidewalk in Soho, 1973. New York? It’s in her bones, you feel.

Wall release their debut EP on NYC’s Wharf Cat Records on January 15. As yet they haven’t given a single interview so who knows what they’re really like.