Watch: Crushed Beaks’ Mind-Bending Video For ‘Overgrown’

You’ll probably recognise Crushed Beaks if you’ve kept a keen eye on the UK’s vibrant new music underground over the past few years. They’ve been making the kind of garage-pop thrills that should really have seen them lauded by a lot more people than they were. Not that that’s made any difference to the trio, who’ve quietly kept working hard and have come up with the goods on their debut album ‘Scatter’, released on February 9 on their own label Matilda Recordings. You can read more about that in this week’s issue, but for now watch the mind-bending new video for single ‘Overgrown’. Let the band and director Jonny Sanders explain the concept below, then click play to get lost in their brilliantly bizarre creation.

Crushed Beaks: “The idea came from a strange conversation we had about quantum mechanics in films. The video has warped into something quite different from what we discussed in that initial conversation but it’s just as confusing.”

Jonny Sanders, director: “I wanted to create a dizzying and fast-paced piece about a man trapped in a repeating scenario. He has an alter ego who he never quite manages to reach, constantly chasing through a house. At points we don’t know who is being chased and who is chasing, adding to the existing confusion.”

Crushed Beaks celebrate the release of ‘Scatter’ with a headline show at London’s Sebright Arms on February 9.