Watch Sean Lennon Murder Fat White Family In The New Moonlandingz Video

Up until this point, the only thing wrong with Fat White Family and The Eccentronic Research Council’s collaboration The Moonlandingz’ masterful track ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ was the lack of a decent video. Where were all the drugs, the occult shit, the S&M, the taxidermy, the men in black capes, the maggots, the beautiful old Farfisa organs and the stabbings? Where, indeed, was Sean Ono Lennon pretending to be Jimi Hendrix on a sparkly silver guitar?

Thankfully, we now have the answer to all of these questions, courtesy of the video for ‘Sweet Saturn Mine (De-Mix)’. It’s directed by Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and the track itself is out in America on October 30 via Chimera Music.

There are tour dates and quotes about the video below.


Here’s what ERC and The Moonlandingz brainchild Adrian Flanagan had to say about the new version and video: “We hooked up in private with Sean to record some parts in an undisclosed ex-air raid shelter in south Yorkshire, in the north of England. Sean took the recorded parts away back to his studio in NYC, added his own thing and deconstructed the track – we were blown away by what he brought to it, Sean’s such a talented musician.

“We also did a video for the track with him and Charlotte Kemp Muhl in the basement of a 1920s cinema in Sheffield; there’s a staircase down there that goes nowhere, to a bricked-up doorway that’s haunted by a child spectre, which wasn’t so good for the camera crew who got accidentally locked in the building late in the night after the shoot by the owners. They were petrified when I spoke to them, unable to talk about what they had seen, but you could just tell something had put the ‘willies’ up them, I think one of them is having therapy now. I thought it was hilarious.

“Doing the video with Charlotte was great fun, she’s like a psychedelic mad auntie crossed with Edie Bouvier Beale from Grey Gardens. The video is kind of a parody of those Anton LaVey films and old Hammer Horror films from the late ’60s/early ’70s. There’s bound to be some morons who take offence in the imagery used, but that’s only because they believe in something different, that also doesn’t exist!”

See The Moonlandingz live:

Glasgow Broadcast (August 25)
Leeds Belgrave Music Hall (26)
Manchester Night & Day Café (27)
London The Lexington (28)
Sheffield Picture House Social (29)