We might have seen the future, and it looks like Yungblud

Every few years, there are those moments at gigs where you know you’re witnessing ‘something’. It’s hard to tell exactly what that ‘something’ is, most of the time, but you’re zipping with excitement – and already playing in your head is the future of said artist. Last night, Yungblud had one of those moments.

The Water Rats – a sweaty venue in King’s Cross was the scene of the crime as 19-year-old Dominic Harrison showcased his raucous sound to a set of selected press and industry bigwigs. Naturally, he treated it as anything but that, as Harrison literally stomped on the stage clad in black hoody with a pink tambourine – virtually spitting at the front row in every chorus.


From the off, there was no looking back. Opening with a Jamie T-infused indie-bopper ‘The Emperor’ – Harrison snarls every word, carrying himself like a hyper-addictive mix between rapper Eminem and Johnny Rotten. It is utterly thrilling.

But what makes Yungblud so intriguing is the versatility in his material already, and how confident he feels about pulling it all off. The set’s second song, ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’ is “about Northern England” he grimly announces – proceeding to find a middle ground between fellow Yorkshire rascals Arctic Monkey’s early work and the bombastic ska-overtones of Midlanders The Specials. Lead single ‘King Charles’ zips by with all the chaotic energy of early Ratboy and ‘Polygraph Eyes’ is somehow an intimate, yet raging ballad. The kid’s got it all, seriously.

It’s that diversity in sound that makes Yungblud so intriguing and will no doubt irresistible for fans from all walks of life. As he finds himself on more festival bills the following summer, and whipping up storms in venues nationwide – every gig will showcase an artist ready and willing to make it into the big leagues. Watch this space, but Yungblud is poised to go stratospheric.

Yungblud played:

The Emperor
I Love You, Will You Marry Me
King Charles
Polygraph Eyes
Tin Pan Boy