What’s Your Band Called, Mate? Get to know Rachel Chinouriri

Every week, we’re going to be introducing you to a brand new artist we’re going mad for here at NME Towers via our ego-busting new Q&A, What’s Your Band Called, Mate? This week, Croydon’s Rachel Chinouriri talks her obsession with really big dogs, making timeless music and her moon exploration plans.

What’s your band called, mate?

We are called “The Chins”


What do you sound like?

“Think of lady smith black mambazo (but girls) mixed with daughter. Then they make a song with the Gorillaz and then they got James Blake to sprinkle a little something on it”

Are you any good (honestly)?

“Yeah, I think we’re great actually.”

What’s your best song?

“Well that’s a tough one. ‘Mama’s Boy’ is the best one if you want a breakfast vibe but ‘So My Darling’ has the best writing to me and means a lot more. It depends really, if you want to cry or be happy.”


What’s been your most memorable gig?

“The Great Escape, 100%. I sang in a church and the festival I did just before was the worst performance of my life, so to get such a reaction and have such a successful gig straight after that was amazing. I felt GREAT”

Tell us something really interesting about you, that isn’t to do with music.

“I have a very unhealthy obsession with dogs. I’ve never had a pet but I absolutely adore dogs. We don’t deserve them!”

We said really interesting…

“Really big dogs”

What’s your karaoke song?

“Toto – ‘Africa'”

Scenario: We’ve given you a shit load of money to make a big budget video – what do you do with it?

“Fly to space and make a music video on the moon. I don’t think anyone’s done that before”

What do you want to achieve with your music?

“I want to make timeless music. Songs which you can listen to forever and when you hear it, you won’t be able to tell when it was made. I don’t want to make something to familiar with what’s trending currently.”

If your tour bus was hanging over the edge of a cliff and you needed to throw out one member of your band as ballast, which member would it be and why?

“I’d throw out the driver because why did he drive us onto the edge of the cliff? I wouldn’t be very happy with him and none of my band drive so we can all agree the drivers got to go.”

Fill in the blanks: “When you listen to my music, it feels like your soul is connected to your emotions.”

If you had ‘stans’ (superfans, like Katy Perry’s Kitty Cats or Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters), what would the name for them be?

“The ChinChillas”

Where can we see you next?

“My EP launch party on June 13th at the Fiorucci store in London”

What do you want to happen at your last ever show?

“I want to crowd surf and stage dive but I don’t think that will be possible while singing a slow heartbreak song.”