What’s Your Band Called, Mate? Get to know Coach Party

Each week we introduce you to a brand new artist we’re going mad for here at NME Towers via our ego-busting Q&A, What’s Your Band Called, Mate? This week, the Isle of Wight's Coach Party pit their songs each other in a wrestling match and shout out their only fan, Eve.

What’s your band called, mate? 

“Hi! We’re Coach Party / Jess, Steph, Joe & Guy (singer first drummer last, obviously)”

What do you sound like?


“When they argue in Sims 2.”

Are you any good (honestly)?

“937 Facebook fans can’t be wrong.”

What’s your best song?

“In a 3-way cage match between our singles to date, “Space” is pretty heavy, so can take a punch, but might get worn out easy. “Breakdown” would start at a steady pace, but then need a little slow-down / break, leaving itself vulnerable before going ham at the end. ‘Lola’ is short so would get battered. But that’s just us. Go listen and give us those sweet streamberries.”


What’s been your most memorable gig?

“Our now manager, label & live agent all came to see us for a gig on home turf (Isle of Wight) and not gonna lie we felt pretty cool. Guy had 5 Guinness’ and we were the awesome people still in Slug & Lettuce on a Wednesday when they turned the lights on. A rock’n’roll story like no other.”

Tell us something really interesting about you, that isn’t to do with music.

“We actually know what happens when you die. Give us a sec and will explain…”

We said really interesting…

“Fair point.”

What is your karaoke song?

“Jess does regular karaoke on our insta story, top pick being the Atomic Kitten version of ‘The Tide Is High’.”

Scenario: We’ve given you a shit load of money to make a big budget video – what do you do

“How many puppies can we get with a shit load of money? Our video will be that many puppies. We’ll adopt, obviously, but there’s still the living costs to keep in mind.”

What do you want to achieve with your music? 

“If being a band can continue to keep us happy, sane and give us a way of saying stuff which we don’t know how to say in normal conversation, and we generally achieve a success rate above 20% of listeners enjoying it in some way, then I think we would have done ok at music.”

If your tour bus was hanging over the edge of a cliff and you needed to throw out one band member as ballast, which member would it be and why?

“Steph would volunteer upon the sad realisation that the natural world is beyond repair.”

Fill in the blanks: When you listen to our music it feels like grammar is no longer important your welcome

If your band had ‘stans’ (superfans, like Katy Perry’s Kitty Cats or Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters), what would the name for them be?

“At the moment she’s called “Eve”. Thanks, fan”

Where can we see you next?

“We’re doing a sort of live set at homeschoolfest.com which is happening over May bank holiday. We’ll be playing a short set together, but from our flats in isolation via some sorcery. Thankfully, a lot of the gigs & festivals we had lined up for the summer have managed to reschedule for later in the year, so check back for those kinds of announcements.”

What do you want to happen at your last ever show?

“Have you seen that last episode of Bojack (spoiler) where Bojack and Dianne are sat on the roof in what should be a comfortable silence, but clearly wanting to say some deep stuff to each other and it’s really tense and then the screen goes black? Something like that would be sufficient”

Any final words?

“After 45 minutes of staring at this question we can confirm that no there are not.”

Coach Party’s debut EP ‘Party Food’ will be released on June 12