What’s Your Band Called, Mate? Get to know Cruelty

Every week, we’re going to be introducing you to a brand new artist we’re going mad for here at NME Towers via our ego-busting Q&A, What’s Your Band Called, Mate? This week, Bristol’s Cruelty introduce their stuffed raccoon, talk battle wounds (and weapons) and how it’s going to end up all Jesus & Mary Chain in the end

What’s your band called, mate?



What do you sound like?

A panic attack.

Are you any good (honestly)?

The best.

What’s your best song?

‘Leather Boy’


What’s been your most memorable gig?

Our last Bristol show was wild. The Exchange with Ceremony. I ended that set with a scar on my forehead and a sprained hand.

Tell us something really interesting about you, that isn’t to do with music.

We have a friend called stuffed reese

We said really interesting…

Really, he’s a stuffed raccoon who exists to spread joy and fear.

What is your karaoke song?

‘Nessaja’ by Scooter, or anything by Prince.

Scenario: We’ve given you a shit load of money to make a big budget video – what do you do?

We’d remake our last music video, but with more medieval weaponry.

What do you want to achieve with your music?

A broken jaw.

If your tour bus was hanging over the edge of a cliff and you needed to throw out one band member as ballast, which member would it be and why?

We’d probably throw off our boots, collectively I’d imagine they’d weigh the same as an extra person. If that didn’t help, Kieran is the first to go, he’d survive the fall.

Fill in the blanks: When you listen to our music, it feels like love is on your side.

If your band had ‘stans’ (superfans, like Katy Perry’s Kitty Cats or Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters), what would the name for them be?

Stuffed reeses.

Where can we see you next?

Bristol in the new year.

What do you want to happen at your last ever show?

A big bust up, Jesus and Mary Chain style.

Any final words?

No love and no hope

‘Leather Boy’ is out now via Permanent Creeps Records – listen here