What’s Your Band Called, Mate? Get to know Keep Dancing Inc

Each week we introduce you to a brand new artist we’re going mad for here at NME Towers via our ego-busting Q&A, What’s Your Band Called, Mate? This week Paris' Keep Dancing Inc talk synth-pop anthems, their live return and PS2 wrestling video games

What’s your band called, mate?

Gabrielle: Keep Dancing Inc
Joseph: KDI
Louis: Keep Dancing Incorporated

What do you sound like?


We sound like an 80s synth-pop compilation that became a PS2 wrestling video game soundtrack.

Are you any good (honestly)?

Louis can play arpeggios from hell by Yngwie Malmsteen with a single finger and there’s proof on our upcoming record that Gaby can hold triplets on the hi-hat at 180 bpm… but honestly Joseph can’t slap the bass.

What’s your best song?

Our first single of 2020. It’s called ‘Could U Stop’ and it’s the most powerful synth-pop anthem for the masses of the year.


What’s been your most memorable gig?

Our most memorable gig might be the one we played in Edinburgh two years ago in a small venue that was clearly more appropriate to welcome jazz bands than synth-pop acts.
There were as many people on stage (we were 4 back then) as there were in the audience, including the sound engineer. The funniest thing is that we had no one to take care of the ticket desk so we didn’t make any money and we still had to pay the sound engineer £60, plus the train tickets from Manchester. Good times.

Tell us something really interesting about you, that isn’t to do with music.

Joseph doesn’t eat pâté en croûte because he’s vegetarian.

We said really interesting…

We all have different sexual orientation.

What is your karaoke song?

Nâdiya – Roc: It’s basically a stadium rock anthem written by french RnB Legend Nadiyâ but produced in a weird eurodance fashion.

Scenario: We’ve given you a shit load of money to make a big budget video – what do you do?

We would build a giant washing machine on a giant movie set and film ourselves playing inside that giant washing machine while it’s on full speed.

What do you want to achieve with your music?

We want to be the greatest music band that has ever existed in every genres that has ever existed.

If your tour bus was hanging over the edge of a cliff and you needed to throw out one band member as ballast, which member would it be and why?

Louis because he’s by far the heaviest and as a former boy scout he’ll definitely survive and find his way home.

Fill in the blanks: When you listen to our music it feels like Keep Dancing Inc is playing your favorite Keep Dancing Inc song.

If your band had ‘stans’ (superfans, like Katy Perry’s Kitty Cats or Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters), what would the name for them be?

Our investors.

Where can we see you next?

Hopefully at La Boule Noire in Paris on the 3rd of September if everything goes back to normal. Loads of British artists are invited!

What do you want to happen at your last ever show?

Spontaneous combustion (big up PREGOBLIN and Spinal Tap)

Any final words?

Stay home! Bisous