What’s Your Band Called, Mate? Get to know The Lazy Eyes

Each week we introduce you to a brand new artist we’re going mad for here at NME Towers via our ego-busting Q&A, What’s Your Band Called, Mate? This week, Sydney's The Lazy Eyes on their dancing heroics, the magic of their hometown's scene and free pizza

What’s your band called, mate? 

We’re called The Lazy Eyes, mate!

What do you sound like? 


Like any other band, we probably sound like an amalgamation of all of our favourite artists we have grown up on. Luckily we all have the same music taste! In a live setting, we sound blitzed out and psychedelic. In our recordings we sound more refined and layered.

Are you any good (honestly)?

We really hope so! After all, we haven’t been to a Lazy Eyes concert and seen them play. All we can do is keep learning from our mistakes and develop as a band. After a few years of doing that it can only be better than where you started, right? You could say we are on the long and winding road to being ‘better’. We couldn’t say if we are any good and if so when we became good. That’s for you guys to say!

What’s your best song?

It’s hard to say which song is our ‘best’, because they cover a range of different moods and styles. We do have our favourites, though. ‘Cheesy Love Song’ is especially wholesome because it’s the only song of ours that was written between Harvey and myself only when we were in the same room. We wrote the song one chord at a time, together. Usually we finish songs on our own, or get halfway and bring them to each other for input. It gives the love song an extra layer of meaning to us which is that you should cherish the love you have for your friends.

What’s been your most memorable gig?


It would have to be playing at the Enmore Theatre. That one honestly seems like a dream when we think back at it just because Enmore Theatre was our number one dream venue to play at! Our song Tangerine has a lyric that goes: “Hopscotch round Enmore Theatre,” which the crowd cheered at when they heard. We also ended up filming the music video for that song from live footage of us playing there. It’s all a full circle, bucket list thing! I hate to be cliche, but it was one of those gigs where you can feel the magic in the room.

Tell us something really interesting about you, that isn’t to do with music.

We are all ex-dancers except for Itay. So you could say the rhythm came early! Harvey and Noah were both tap dancers and Blake used to dance ballet (which actually got him into the performing arts high school where we all met). Itay on the other hand was a pro origami folder.

We said really interesting…

You got us. That wasn’t that interesting, was it? Strap in! Harvey has an extra bone that sticks out of his right shoulder, Itay can’t even ride a bicycle, Blake jumps every time he farts and Noah is super good at diabolo.

What is your karaoke song?

Dig by Mudvayne.

Scenario: We’ve given you a shit load of money to make a big budget video – what do you do

Hire Oliver Tree to direct the video, with the following scenes included in which Oliver will:

– Challenge Harvey to a scooter battle (Harvey being the self-proclaimed leader of the Sydney scooter gang and avid scooterer himself).

– Style Itay’s outfit, preferably using plenty of Gucci products.

– Challenge Blake to a ballet battle.

– Cut Noah’s hair into the perfect Oliver Tree bowl cut.

What do you want to achieve with your music? 

The music that means the most to us has the power of conveying strong emotions and making you feel a certain way, whether it be inspiring, sad, nostalgic or romantic. I think if we make music that can spark that loving feeling in others, it would be the most powerful achievement and would make us truly happy.

Fill in the blanks: When you listen to our music it feels like a unicorn is tickling your eardrums

If your band had ‘stans’ (superfans, like Katy Perry’s Kitty Cats or Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters), what would the name for them be?

The lazy guys.

Where can we see you next?

For the first time in the history of the band, we don’t know for sure! Our next show that hopefully will still go ahead will be Splendour in the Grass which has been postponed to October. We are beyond excited to be on that line-up, a huge bucket list festival for us!

What do you want to happen at your last ever show?

Everyone’s third eye simultaneously be opened from the unrelenting power of pure peace and love expressed through the sound of raging guitars and a backdrop symphony orchestra. Also, free pizzas.

The Lazy Eyes’ debut EP is out June 5