Whenyoung share ambitious video for rousing indie-pop banger ‘Pretty Pure’

If you’re heading to a stonking gig over the next few months – Dream Wife, Public Access TV or The Vaccines – you’ll run into whenyoung on the way. The Irish indie-pop trio have got bags of potential, so it’s no wonder that they’re going to be right up in your grill at sweaty gigs of their own or at the arena-sized shows they’re currently booked for.

But first up, we need to get to grips with their own music – firstly in the shape of ‘Pretty Pure’, for which there’s a brand new video for. Aoife, the band’s lead singer, hopped on the phone to tell us about the song and its ambitious video.

“It’s about escaping from people and expectations of what you should be and where you should be at, and go with what feels natural and pure to you. Following a line to freedom, basically.

It starts out with me outside of church in a white gown – and that’s supposed to the the conventional sign of purity and the end is running into the sea, another sign of purity, in a way. It’s about us escaping and picking up items on the way, fleeing and running into the sea.”