Whispertown 2000 – Jenny Lewis’ Favourite Alt-Country Balladeers

I got back from LA last week, but only just got round to sorting through all my photos n’that.

When I saw this one it jogged my memory about an MP3 I got given whilst I was over there.

If you’re one of the cult of NME readers that bow down at Jenny Lewis’ silky hot-panted altar of nouveau-roots shmindie, you may already know this alarmingly peachy-cheeked four-piece.

I for one thought that all alt-country bands consisted exclusively of men that dress in gnat-ravaged plaid, have cowboy boots with spurs encrusted with sand grains from the original Wild West, and sport the kind of facial hair that conceals ravaging vultures feasting on the dried remnants of last Tuesday’s breakfast grits. Apparently not so.

These guys are Whispertown 2000. They play country-influenced bluesy ballads that make you wanna tie an apple, a lump of cheese and a crusty cob roll up in a gingham napkin, stick it on the end of a twig and march off into the blood-red sunset, whistling something about railroad maintenance.

Whispertown 2000
Whispertown 2000, Gaylord Building, Korean Town, LA

This is us bro’in down at a nautical themed bar called the HMS Bounty. It was part of a block of apartments called the Gaylord building. Which I didn’t find even the slightest bit amusing.

They told me they formed when bezzie pal Jenny told lead-singer Morgan and guitarist Tod they just had to play together. Then they recorded an album so they could sell it on the very same tour Jenny invited them on. Basically, what Jenny says, goes, it would seem.

Here’s a download for their song ‘Done With Love’ .