Yes Giantess – Kitschoid Synth-Pop To Make Your Crotch Purrr (FREE MP3)

You know how that whole latest wave of ballyhooing lounge-trash synth-pop from the US seemed for a diced nano-second like it could be The Next Big Thing?

Until you realised that every act involved either had the collective sex appeal and star quality of a charcoal tank-top sporting moth, or a kitscher-than-a-giant-Pope-Jean-Paul-II-Pez-dispenser reportoire as collectively memorable as manual to an Ikea flat-pack fart.

Yes Giantess – If you say you wouldn’t, you’re lying…

Well, Boston’s Yes Giantess are here to buck both the above trends in one bad-boiiii spit-roasting of gawwwwwwgeous poster-boy keyboard-cranking.

Here’s one of their debut double A-sides, it’s called ‘Tuff’n’Stuff’