Young Yizzy comes good on the hype with ‘This Is Life’

South London rapper with bags of potential

At the age of 17, things are already looking pretty rosy for Young Yizzy. The Lewisham wunderkind had a low-key banger in the shape of ‘Grime Kid’ back in December, during which he staked his claim as one of the nation’s hottest new rapping talents. And just last week, he was announced to be on the shortlist for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition, potentially bagging himself a decent slot at the festival.

It’s about time then for him to come good on the hype, and drop his debut EP, ‘This Is Life’. The title track – which has just been released with a new video – showcases every reason to get in a right old tizzy over Yizzy. Set around a heavy bassline, stuttering beats and his hypnotic bars, its furious grime that’s pretty much rooted in the streets of South London, but expect it to blow up everywhere else pretty sharpish.

“The concept of the track is to speak about where I come from, and show what it is like.” Yizzy said. “My area is the driving force behind my passion and my sound”.