Zola Jesus – The Coolest Goth In Yonks

A while back we had Wisconin’s new goth saviour Zola Jesus as our lead Radar feature in the mag, indicating just how important a figure we reckon she’s gonna be this year.

Goth these days usually means sweaty S&M industrial-jock vibes or those that customise their wardrobe from curtain netting and literally have not purchased a single record since 1987 and Sisters Of Mercy lost their way post-‘Floodland’. So when someone finds a way of breathing new danger into its monotone parameters it always feels rather exciting, hence the hullabaloo a few years back when The Horrors showed up.

Zola’s middle-America-microwaving-itself brand of discordant spooking is certainly something to behold, and the scene that’s sprouting up around her and her Sacred Bones label mates at the moment is nothing short of heartening. Can’t wait for her UK tour next month…


We have a brand new exclusive track for you, ‘Sea Talk’, plus a recap of the other highlights that have leaked so far. ‘Sea Talk’ is off her new album ‘Stridulum II’ which is released on Souterrain Transmissions next month.

Zola Jesus – ‘Sea Talk’

Zola Jesus – ‘Night’


Zola Jesus – ‘Clay Bodies’

Zola Jesus – ‘Run Me Out’

Zola Jesus – ‘I Can’t Stand’

LA Vampires and Zola Jesus – ‘Eulogy’


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