Watch New Gen talent Not3s sing his hit ‘Aladdin’ at Selfridges charity show for Music Matters

Go on, give in and sing along.

If you think do you don’t know Not3s, take it from us – you do. That absurdly catchy song about using Addison Lee, the one that probably singlehandedly caused shares in Uber to plummet? Yeah, that’s Not3s, who hails from Hackney, east London, and pronounces his name ‘Notes’. Yep – the same guy who does the freewheeling ‘Aladdin’. He’s part of New Gen, the collective of awesome new rap and R&B talent that includes the likes of 67 and IAMDBB.

Yet it appears this kind of creative talent, fostered in small clubs and venues, could be an endangered species. According the Music Venue Trust, 40% of grass-roots venues have disappeared in the past decade. This has largely been attributed to a combination of increased rents and prohibitive licensing laws – all we know is that something needs to be done about it.

This is where Music Matters comes in. Launched by Selfridges, the campaign looks to raise awareness of small venues’ plight through a series of shows from the likes of Not3s, indie band Ten Fe and ‘urban jazz’ singer IAMDDB at Ultralounge, the London store’s 360-degree multidiscipline arts space, with 20% of takings going to Music Venue Trust. In the video above, Not3s leads a singalong to ‘Aladdin. Go on – join in.