How to sound like… Oasis

Here’s the essential kit, gear and set-up you need to sound like peak Gallagher brothers

Want to live the Oasis dream by playing stadiums, headlining festivals and writing some of the best songs of your generation? It takes more than a parka jacket and a healthy supply of bravado. You need the right guitars, amps, pedals and add-ons to make it happen. Little by little, you too can sound supersonic. See below for our essential guide on the band’s best gear.

First, invest in a classic guitar model

Noel and Liam Gallagher in Oasis

Throughout his career, Noel Gallagher has mostly stayed true to the same trusty kit. Since the Oasis days, he’s relied on a Gibson 1993 Nashville Series Epiphone Sheraton, best known for being emblazoned with a Union Jack flag. He’s made countless customisations – fitting a Frequensator tailpiece, adding mini-humbuckers. But on its own, the Epiphone is great model for beginners.

That said, Noel’s upgraded since focusing on his Flying Birds solo work. Today he plays the Gibson 1960 ES-355, a model he calls the “greatest guitar I’ve ever played.” He once showed Smiths guitar whizz Johnny Marr his ES-355, and Marr “looked like a startled wizard because of how great the guitar is.” He really, really loves this guitar. Maybe too much. He once told Premier Guitar: “I’m in awe of the guitar. I put it second to my wife only because I can have sex with her. If I could have sex with that guitar, I’m not sure which I’d choose.”

Feeling flash?

Spend a casual four grand on Noel’s favourite guitar of all time, the ES-355.

On a budget?

It might require some saving up, but you can’t go wrong with a budget Epiphone, like this Les Paul studio model.

Keep it loud with these essential amps

If your new band wants to relive those early Oasis days, there’s one rule: the louder the better. You don’t need to splash out too much on an amplifier, but make sure you invest in a reliable Marshall or Orange instead of going for an ultra-budget option.

Feeling flash?

Those ‘What’s the Story (Morning Glory)?’ songs would be nothing without Noel’s Marshall Bluesbreaker, a mainstay in his career.

On a budget?

Don’t sweat if the Bluesbreaker is too much of a wallet-breaker. Either snap up a Marshall Code option, or go for the option every new band can rely on – a gorgeous Orange Crush.

Be prepared to put the electric guitar down

So you’ve spent years playing ‘Wonderwall’ at parties. Now it’s time to level-up and get an acoustic model Noel would be proud of, specifically for those slowburning, lighters-out anthems. You can’t just play fuzzy bangers if you want to be the next Oasis.

Feeling flash?

Noel’s preference isn’t just pricey – it’s incredibly hard to get a hold of. The Takamine JJ325SRC-12 John Jorgenson fetches upwards of £1500 on eBay. Downgrade slightly and go for the GD10NS, another trusty Takamine acoustic. Or, once you’ve really made it, give over a casual three grand for a Gibson J-200.

On a budget?

Stick to the Gibson Epiphone range by investing in a standard Hummingbird acoustic. And whatever your budget, avoid the cheapest replacement strings. These Ernie Ball 3314’s will never fail you.

Next, stock up on the best pedals

Noel’s pedalboard is pretty epic, but it wasn’t when Oasis started out. A working class kid growing up in Manchester, he was on a budget, but he still managed to get two essential pieces of kit that helped shape the band’s signature sound. To achieve the same, you’ll need an overdrive pedal to achieve that wild, frenzied guitar trademark, and a basic delay pedal to help elevate an everyday solo.

Feeling flash?

For the overdrive effect, Noel swears by an Ibanez Tube Screamer. In recent years, he’s also used the Strymon TimeLine delay, which he calls “fucking amazing.” It’s about three times as much as the average pedal, but it has over 200 presets.

On a budget?

Boss pedals live up to their name. The TR2 Tremelo will help you achieve the soaring, skyscraper effect of ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Champagne Supernova’. You won’t get anywhere without an overdrive pedal, though, so pick up this Jim Dunlop MXR.

It’s easy to sound like Liam, right? Wrong

Liam Gallagher

You don’t need to smoke 40-a-day, tie your hands behind your back and act gobby to master Liam’s frontman quality. It probably helps, but your best (and healthiest) option is to invest in a quality microphone that’ll survive brash, belted-out choruses.

Feeling flash?

On his solo tours, Liam has been using a Shure Beta 57A, which minimises feedback noise. And if you’re still seeking out the perfect frontman, it can also provide extra amplification to drum kits and amps.

On a budget?

Beware the on/off switch, but this £42 TG V35 from Beyerdynamic is perfect if you’re starting out and playing pub gigs. 

Anything else?

Well, if you want to become a living breathing replica of primetime 1990s Oasis, you’ll need every piece of kit available. And that means you need a tambourine. Not some shoddy kids’ tambourine from Poundland. If you’re taking this band business seriously, the tambourine needs to be respected.

Feeling flash?

In order to feel 100% legitimate Liam, you need the same tambourine as him. This is the one he uses.

On a budget?

Ok fine, you’ve spent all your cash on more important things than tambourines. Scrape a tenner together and get this near-replica of Liam’s fave.