From gaffes to Gosling – the Oscars 2017’s funniest viral moments

The most event-filled Oscars in years truly delivered in the meme stakes.

Award ceremonies have two main purposes: 1) To reward an industry’s finest talent with the gongs they deserve. 2) To provide a healthy supply of hiccups and calamities for the thirstiest of armchair fans. Madonna’s Brits #capegate set a high standard that not even Katy Perry’s falling house could match. But last night’s Oscars truly delivered. The biggest gaffes galore in the ceremony’s history, they managed to give the Best Picture award to the wrong film, and they honoured a living woman during an ‘In Memoriam’ montage. Needless to say, meme-makers the world over were primed for sweet viral goodness, but nobody was expecting this much material to work with.

While the gobsmacked reactions of Emma Stone and the ‘La La Land’ crew stole the headlines, the Oscars brought so many more unforgettable moments, from professional photobombers to the most bizarre applause since Michael Gove clapped like a seal. Here’s what went down at this year’s Oscars:

Justin Timberlake still thought he was in Trolls

Every Oscars needs a decent photobomb, right? Justin Timberlake, come on down!


Nicole Kidman redefined clapping

Perhaps she was just being reserved, but Kidman’s clapping technique was weird as hell, and people certainly noticed.


Leonardo DiCaprio was reminded of his troubled Oscars past

A bloke called Gary stole the show

During a particularly prolonged skit, host Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated a bus load of tourists to accidentally walk into the ceremony. It was hit and miss in parts, but Gary from Chicago and his wife-to-be Vicky stole the show.

But there were warnings for this unlikely viral superstar

What is Ryan Gosling whispering in this woman’s ear?

Behold Whispering Ryan Gosling, the best meme from this year’s Oscars. When Kimmel’s pack of gobsmacked tourists appeared on stage, Gosling leant in for a kiss with Gary’s wife Vicky who, by all means, did not look prepared. But what knowledge did Ryan share?

Is Matt Damon the world’s best punchbag?

Kimmel reignited his long-running light-hearted feud with friend (and enemy) Matt Damon throughout the evening. Starting as a slight poke at his latest film The Great Wall, it soon escalated to Kimmel playing him off.

Kimmel brought his Mean Tweets skit to the Oscars

And it was amazing, especially thanks to Robert De Niro’s sassy response.

And the Best Picture goes to…

The greatest gaffe in Oscars history provided a lifetime supply of meme potential. The Internet wasted no time in living up to the challenge.  

King of twists M. Night Shyamalan took credit for the mix-up

But most importantly, Toploader finally got the credit they deserve