People think they can hear this pylon GIF, and it’s 2017’s answer to ‘the dress’


Today in Stuff That Is On The Internet, people think they can hear a GIF. Wait, what? Yes, that’s right, there’s a GIF that has spilled over in the real world, like that girl from The Ring crawling our your TV set, only less scary and the only people it’s really impacted are Twitter users with too much time on their hands. Still, it’s a striking phenomena and one that we must dedicate approximately three minutes of our time to. Join us, then, on a journey through time and space as we explore the strange world of The GIF That Could Be Heard.

The animation is question was created by the people behind the Twitter account Happy Toast back in 2008, yet crops up every now and again to remind us that the universe is a strange and mysterious place. Before we attempt to unlock this, one of its greatest mysteries – up there with the Bermuda Triangle and James Corden’s career – let’s have a looksee at what all the fuss is about.

Well I’ll be damned – it really does seem like your can hear that GIF thudding away, doesn’t it? The thing has resurfaced this time around because Dr. Lisa DeBruine, a researcher at The University of Glasgow, tweeted it to her followers with the all-important question: “Does anyone in visual perception know why you can hear this gif?” The answer to that question is above our pay grade, Lisa, but thanks for having such faith in us.

Some are comparing the phenomenon to synaesthesia, the condition that causes many musicians to ‘see’ different types of music as various colours. All we know is that 2017 has, late doors, provided us with its own answer to ‘The Dress’. Remember that? This was back in February 2015, when pictures of a dress emerged on social media. Some thought it was blue and black, some thought it was white and gold. It was a question that divided friends, separated families – and we’re just glad that this GIF has come along, because 2017 just hasn’t been divided enough so far, you know?