Everything you need to know about Queer Eye season 2

The show has struck a chord with viewers

Netflix’s Queer Eye has proved a global hit. A reboot of the Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, aired between 2003 and 2007, the show depicts men in the state of Georgia as their lives are given a makeover by the “Fab Five” – Bobby Berk (interior design), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Tan France (style), Karamo Brown (culture), and Antoni Porowski (food).

Viewers have been drawn to the show’s combination of the hilariously trivial – pedicures, dressing-up and questionable Mountain Dew-based cocktails – with frank conversations about homophobia in America’s deep south, loneliness, mental health, and racism in the police.

Mainstream news outlets, too, are on board with show, dedicating op-eds on why the show is so popular and how the reboot is a better version of its predecessor. All of this has left fans desperately asking for another season with the Fab Five. So will it happen, and what details do we know so far? We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest news.

Will there be a season two?


Yes, Netflix has confirmed a second season of the show, with the company’s unscripted content chief Bela Bajaria telling Vulture: “What’s been amazing is just the social chatter [around] the show… that means people are feeling an emotional connection”.

Members of the show’s Fab Five had previously expressed interest in a second season. Asked whether he would want a series two, Antoni Porowski, the food expert, told NME: “Absolutely.”

He continued: “I’m not cocky about it, but I’m confident that hopefully they make the right choice in wanting to continue because it’s a service job we have. I know it’s the entertainment industry, but it’s a service job, we’re actually helping people, these lives – they change at the end of the week when we leave them. So I hope we get to do that for at least another couple of seasons, or more.”

Van Ness, also speaking to NME, said “hopefully” he will involved in making more Queer Eye in the future. Asked whether he would definitely want to be involved in another season of Queer Eye, he said:  “Oh my God, yeah. Course. They’re like my best friends…I mean, we’ve spent like everyday together this summer, so we all just became really close.”

What’s more, the original show – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – ran for five seasons, and so it’s logical for the reboot to follow suite. Show creator David Collins, who is also behind the original, also expressed interest in making a second series in an interview with Indie Wire .

Does season two have a release date?

Yes, it was confirmed on May 24 that Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on June 15. The announcement detailed: “This season, the Queer Eye Fab Five return to the Georgia heartland, forging connections with communities from a wide array of backgrounds and beliefs often contrary to their own, touching on everything from self-love and faith, to immigration and how to make the perfect homemade poke bowls and more.” You can see Netflix’s annoucement below.


Who will be in it?

It’s expected that, given their chemistry in the first season, the Fab Five will remain the same. The people to whom they give makeovers, however, are unlikely to be revealed until new episodes are released.

Where will season 2 be set?

Season 2 will continue in Georgia. Porowski previously told NME that he would like to film a second season in a location other than Georgia. “My castmates and I joked around saying it would be nice to do it somewhere like Chicago, where it’s a little cooler, maybe in the fall months so we get to have some fall winter collection from the designers, instead of spring/summer,” he said. “But wherever the show is, whether we’re in Iceland or Poland, or Canada or the US or abroad, there are a lot of conversations that need to be hand.”

David Collins, meanwhile, has suggested his home state of Ohio as a filming location. “I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, born and raised,” he told Indie Wire. “I would like to go the tristate region, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, because you can base in Cincinnati and go across the bridge to Kentucky and go up the interstate to Indiana. The corn-fed midwestern folk are where I’m from — and I love actually being from Ohio, it’s a great place to be from.”

Has Queer Eye season 2 already been filmed?

Yes. Speaking to Variety, interior design expert Bobby Berk stated that season 2 was filmed at the tail end of season one, so the episodes are all ready to go. This should mean we get the new episodes sooner rather than later.

This also means we’ve already heard details about what we can expect in Queer Eye season 2. Berk has promised the show will continue to champion diversity, even more so than in season one: “Without giving anything away, with our heroes, you’re going to be seeing a lot more different people than you did the first time.

“A lot of people have been asking, ‘Why are you just working with straight guys?’ Or we did have one gay guy. And I’m like, ‘Stay tuned for Season 2. You’ll see a lot more diversity.'”

How many episodes will there be?

Season one consisted of 8 episodes plus a spin-off, in which the new cast met the original Fab Five, so the second series could follow the same format. On the other hand, the original show’s seasons ranged from 10 to thirty episodes, and so season two of the reboot could see more than eight episodes released.

Is there a trailer?

No…but you can still re-watch the trailer for season one.