Quiz: Can you remember these Christmas song lyrics?

Get clued up on Christmas classics before Xmas day

Christmas is a time for giving and goodwill, obviously. It is a time for family, sharing, all those things. But it is also a time for drinking dangerous amounts of eggnog and playing Xmas songs at full blast. And when you’re doing this, when you’re dancing around the living room and you’re on the brink of falling headfirst into a tree, you need to know the words. ’Tis the season to be jolly, but ’tis also the season to recite Slade verses, word-for-word. Songs you’d entirely erased from your memory since twelve months ago come rushing back. You need to know your stuff, your ‘Last Christmas’’ from your ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’’s. If you can’t recite lyrics to seasonal classics before falling asleep to the Queen’s speech, then really, what’s the point of Christmas at all? Brush up on your knowledge before it’s too late by playing our Xmas song lyrics quiz.

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