NME Radio Roundup 26 October 2020: Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks, Bring Me The Horizon and more

All the new tunes added to NME Radio this week

Lana Del Rey has returned. After months of teasing, the singer has finally given us a sneak peek of her anticipated seventh studio record, ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’, the follow-up to her 2019 critically acclaimed album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’. She joins other artists who are also gearing up to drop new projects, including Bring Me The Horizon and recent NME cover star Arlo Parks, who has announced her debut LP ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’. Get a taste of their upcoming releases in this week’s NME Radio playlist.

Other tracks new on NME Radio this week include King Princess’ disco-inflected single ‘Only Time Makes It Human’, Easy Life’s Aretha Franklin-sampling track ‘Daydreams’, and a new solo offering from Rostam.

Here are all this week’s additions to the NME 1 & 2 playlists:

On the A List

Lana Del Rey

‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’

For the first taste of her eagerly anticipated new record ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’, Lana Del Rey has reunited with longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff. On the hazy love song she sings about heading out on the road once again – but only if her lover’s in tow: “I’m ready to leave L.A. / And I want you to come / Eighty miles north or south will do / I don’t care where as long as you’re with me”.

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Arlo Parks

‘Green Eyes’

British singer and poet Arlo Parks’ latest track, ‘Green Eyes’, is a laid-back and soulful listen featuring backing vocals and guitar by Clairo. Set to appear on her much-anticipated debut album, ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’, Parks has described her upcoming record as a: “series of vignettes and intimate portraits surrounding my adolescence and the people that shaped it”. We can’t wait.

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On the B List

Bring Me The Horizon


The latest cut from the band’s upcoming ‘POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR’ EP is another blistering Bring Me tune, but this time with a melodic twist. “It is my favourite song off the record,” frontman Oli Sykes explains. “It feels like a classic Bring Me The Horizon tune but without it feeling like anything we’ve done before. I feel like ‘Teardrops’ is some of the best work we’ve ever done, musically and lyrically as [a] whole.”

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Nilüfer Yanya


A preview of her forthcoming EP ‘Feeling Lucky?’, ‘Crash’ opens with Nilüfer Yanya’s hypnotising vocals over fuzzy guitars. “If you ask me one more question, I’m about to crash,” the London singer softly chants, before the drums kick in and the song ascends to new heights, taking you on a starry journey through the stratosphere.

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‘Don’t Cry’

Seth Nyquist’s latest single as MorMor balances exhilaration and mourning. ‘Don’t Cry’ careens along on heart-pumping, double-time drum patterns, the synths building as the Canadian singer-songwriter whispers “don’t you cry.” It’s a galvanizing tune, and one that feels like a soundtrack for running as fast as you can, full-tilt, towards the uncertain future.

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On the C List

Easy Life


Sample-happy Leicester five-piece Easy Life lean on Aretha Franklin’s 1972 song ‘Day Dreaming’ for their new track, turning quarantine-induced indolence into a woozy tune about getting drunk and falling in and out of love. It’s the first preview of Easy Life’s debut album, which will be the follow-up to their January mixtape ‘Junk Food’.

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‘Unfold You’

‘Unfold You’, Rostam’s first solo release of 2020, is immaculately produced – no less than what you’d expect from the former Vampire Weekend songwriter and prolific producer (Haim’s ‘Women In Music Pt. III’, Clairo’s ‘Immunity’). Between its leisurely finger-snaps, noodly saxophone by Henry Solomon and ‘sample’ of Nick Hakim’s ‘Papas Fritas’, its vintage feel is undeniable – but Rostam Batmanglij’s emotive, scene-setting lyrics place you squarely in the moment.

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King Princess

‘Only Time Makes It Human’

And it sucks that I think about her / ’Cause thinking ’bout her leaves me lonely,” King Princess laments. But despite its melancholic lyrics, Mikaela Straus’ newest offering is anything but depressing, drawing similarities to euphoric heartbreak anthems like Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. Featuring a flirty disco beat and co-produced by Mark Ronson, ‘Only Time Makes It Human’ turns unrequited love into a blissed out moment that’s possibly worth the heartache.

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On their new single ‘Sharpener’, Cavetown – aka Robin Skinner – paints a vulnerable yet poetic picture of “unhealthy coping mechanisms, the shame surrounding them, and how sometimes the need for them never truly goes away”. It’s a hushed, powerful song to sit with in quieter moments.

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