The recipe to Prince’s legendary scrambled eggs & favourite foods revealed

Breakfast Can't Wait

Renowned for his legendary breakfast skills and making pancakes for his guests, now the recipes to Prince‘s scrambled eggs and his other favourite foods have been revealed.

His love of pancakes was made famous by Dave Chapelle’s legendary comedy sketch, while the Purple One Himself would often invite fans round to late night shows or ‘pyjama parties’ at his Paisley Park home and serve them pancakes. The ‘Purple Rain’ icon’s fondness for the first meal of the day was later immortalised in the single ‘Breakfast Can Wait’.

Now, GQ have gathered stories about Prince from his close personal friends, and some special ingredients to his culinary life have been shared.


“Prince did the cooking. Scrambled eggs,” said former backing singer Jill Jones. “He put curry and a little bit of Cheddar cheese in them. It was really good, actually. You know, he barely ate. I was always starving around him. I was always freaking hungry!”

Dancer Misty Copeland added: “Yeah, he has made me scrambled eggs. Breakfast was his forte. He liked to use a lot of seasoning. Like Lawry’s, or one of those all-purpose seasonings. They were delicious.”

Watch the video for ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ by Prince below

Co-founder of The Bangles Susanna Hoffs, who Prince wrote the hit ‘Manic Monday’ for, said: “I just found this Polaroid of a birthday cake that he sent me. I was still living at my parents’. It was a beautiful cake, obviously custom-made, in the shape of a guitar. It had yellow frosting. It just said, ‘Happy Birthday, Susanna’.

Meanwhile, photographer Maya Washington added: “He was gushing about this sweet-potato pie – ‘You have to try it, it’s so good’ – and he sends his assistant out. And I’m in the kitchen and he says, ‘How do you turn on this oven?’


“I didn’t know if he was being funny. I turned it on for him, and he’s like, ‘Oh.’ I’m, “‘Do you really not know how to turn on your oven?… Prince, have you never used an oven before?’ I’m: ‘Of course he’s never used an oven. Why would he?'”

Last month, Prince’s music was inducted into the GRAMMYs Hall Of Fame. A ‘Purple Rain’ reissue along with unreleased material from the late, great star is due next year. The unheard track ‘Moonbeam Levels’, recorded during the sessions for ‘1999’ and set to be featured on upcoming compilation ‘Prince4Ever’, was unveiled last month.