Get free tickets to see ‘The Curse Of La Llorona’ in London

The new film from 'The Conjuring' director James Wan looks absolutely terrifying

You’ll have heard the phrase ‘it’s only a movie’. Well, in The Curse Of La Llorona, an upcoming frightfest from producer James Wan (The Conjuring, Saw) and first-time director Michael Chaves, the operative phrase would be “it’s only a folk tale” – but it still might not help.

The horror flick centres on the centuries-old Mexican yarn of La Llorona, a woman who, as the story goes, killed her own children and now returns to try and get her hands on kids in the modern day (she’s nicknamed the ‘Weeping Woman’ because she committed the crime in a blind rage that she wishes to take back). It’s been passed down among Latin communities for as long as anyone can remember, and this new big screen adaptation stars Linda Cardellini (Green Book) and Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad).

The Curse Of La Llorona isn’t out on general release in the UK until May 3, but NME readers have the chance to scare them themselves silly a little earlier, as we’re putting on a very special, free screening of the movie on April 23  – and you and three friends have the chance to win tickets. If you win, get yourselves down to Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, London in the evening and we’ll provide the free drinks while you jump out of your seats.


To add to this good news, there are three screenings: one at 5pm, one at 7.30pm and one at 9.45pm.

The movie’s a real treat for horror fans who love The Conjuring universe (most of James Wan’s films are linked in some way). It’s the kind of scary movie that revels in making you jump. La Llorona, in a decrepit white gown and with OTT gnarled features that’s classic Wan, is both terrifying and weirdly poignant – she targets kids in the modern-day because she believes it will compensate for her sins and bring her own children back. The film’s like a rattling ghost train ride, given a fresh update through the casting of Cardellini as Anna, a social worker who mistakes the terror being reigned down upon Patricia (Patricia Velasquez) and her family for a case of domestic abuse; only slowly does the reality become apparent.

And if you need another  reason to come to the screening: Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Superfly’ is on the film’s soundtrack. How the hell did a classic funk banger wind up in a scary movie about a creepy old Mexican folk tale? It’s another delicious mystery from the director of The Conjuring.

Grab your tickets from DICE (before La Llorona grabs you) – head here from 5pm tickets, here for 7.3opm tickets and here for 9.45pm tickets.


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