Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’ has had a TV makeover – get to know the new characters

The 2000 cockney film has been adapted for the custard and jelly

Guy Ritchie’s fast-paced cockney crime-thriller Snatch smashed the box office at the turn of the century. Now it’s been made into a gritty TV drama with fresh characters and a brand new cast. Here’s an intro to the light-fingered criminals, in the cast’s own words.

Albert Hill

Played by: Luke Pasqualino


Snatch TV
Luke Pasqualino as Albert Hill in ‘Snatch’

“He’s East End London-born and the son of infamous gangster Vic Hill. Really, he just wants to keep his head above water and help his mum out with the bills. But he ends up getting into some right capers with his trusty mates Billy Ayers and Charlie Cavendish.”

Billy Ayers

Played by: Lucien Laviscount

Snatch TV
Lucien Laviscount as Billy Ayers in ‘Snatch’

“He’s Billy ‘Fuckin’ Ayers, the rag-o-muffin of the group. His heart is in his fist. He’s the son of a gypsy and a punk rocker who found love and family in the Hill household. They took him in as a kid and he’d ride or die for his boys.”

Charlie Cavendish

Played by: Rupert Grint


Snatch TV
Rupert Grint as Charlie Cavendish in ‘Snatch’

“Charlie’s quite a weird character. It took me a while to work him out because he’s not someone you meet very often. He comes from an aristocratic background, but has no money and their house is falling apart. His parents are hippies with weird sex partners and the dad grows weed in the basement. Charlie just wants to escape that.”

Lotti Mott

Played by: Phoebe Dynevor

Snatch TV
Phoebe Dynevor as Lotti Mott in ‘Snatch’

“When we meet Lottie she’s the girlfriend of mobster Sonny Castillo (Ed Westwick) and works at a club. Soon she meets the other boys and they make a sort of family together. She’s a live-wire and a bit of a femme fatale. Lottie’s a total badass and nothing frightens her.”

Vic Hill

Dougray Scott

Dougray Scott as Vic Hill in ‘Snatch’

“Vic hill is a villain from the East End. He’s been banged up in prison for 15 years since he was set up on a gold heist by a dodgy copper. From prison he is able to control his criminal empire via FaceTime with his wife. Another robbery takes place on the outside and he has no idea his son’s involved. His interest is piqued because he thinks it might be the gold he lost 15 years previously.”

Hate ‘Em All Henry

Tamer Hassan

Snatch TV
Tamer Hassan plays Hate ‘Em All Henry in ‘Snatch’

“Hate ‘Em is Vic’s pet neanderthal. They meet in prison and become really close, like brothers. He’ll do anything for Vic. Through the whole journey he just wants Vic, he doesn’t need anyone else. Alex [De Rakoff, creator] based him on a real person who was doing a life sentence for multiple murders with the Kray Twins. He’ll love you until you cross him and then he’ll pick you up and snap your neck.”

Snatch premieres Tuesday 31st October at 10pm on AMC on BT TV