‘South Park: The Fractured But Whole’ game – everything you need to know

With a few weeks to go until the follow-up to The Stick Of Truth, here's everything you need to know about South Park: The Fractured But Whole video game.

Superfarts at the ready, Freedom Pals! It’s only a few weeks until the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole – the follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed debut South Park video game The Stick Of Truth – and speculation is rife about what the game will involve. Which classic episodes will be plundered for characters to join Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Kanye (as a literal gay fish) this time round? How will Trey Parker and Matt Stone follow the first game’s story of alien Nazi zombies, journeys through Mr Slave’s intestines and getting smooshed in the face by your dad’s gigantic balls? What superhuman flatulence powers and character-enhancing ‘strap-ons’ will be unlashed? Here’s what we know.

When is South Park: The Fractured But Whole released?

After several push-backs, the game is set for release on October 17, with The Stick Of Truth thrown in free.

What does The Fractured But Whole mean?

The Fractured But Whole. Snerf. But Whole. Geddit? Basically, the team were told that stores wouldn’t stock a game with their original title The Butthole Of Time, so they reworked it to sneak their secret arse onto Amazon.

What’s the plot?


Having spoofed fantasy role-play gaming on The Stick Of Truth, this time Parker and Stone tackle superhero games. The last game’s premise of pitting rival factions of South Park kids against each other remains though – when Cartman’s plan for an elaborate movie franchise covering all of the kids’ superhero alter-egos sidelines the likes of Mysterion, Tupperware, Captain Diabetes and Wondertweak to prequels and Netflix, they splinter off into the Freedom Pals, leaving Coon And Friends – Coon, Mosquito, The Human Kite, Supercraig and Fastpass (aka Jimmy) – as their immortal enemies. Coon And Friends set out to earn $100 for finding a lost cat, but soon discover that South Park is becoming over-run with crime. Will Coon And Friends and Freedom Pals join forces to combat this unstoppable crime-wave? And who is the mysterious, phone-toting Call Girl?



What powers do the characters have?

Various previews and trailers have shown Token’s hero alter-ego Tupperware becoming a huge plastic cyborg, Jimmy’s Fastpass speeding across the screen at teleport velocity, Kyle’s Human Kite firing lasers from his, um, kite and Butters’ evil Professor Chaos unleashing a horde of (fairly useless actually) gerbil minions in rolling balls. And you, as The New Kid (aka Douchebag), have a plethora of powers at your disposal depending on which superhero class you choose to play as – Brutalist, Blaster, Speedster, Elementalist, Gadgeteer, Mystic, Cyborg, Psychic, Assassin, Commander, Netherborn, or Karate Kid. Chances are most will be anus-based: the Blaster class certainly has the ability to fart devastating fire-streams at enemies, and you even features on the local news for your flatulent expertise.





Who’s in the game?

Besides the usual cast of South Park ne’er-do-wells, all with superhero aliases, previews and trailers have provided brief snippets of the Crab People, Jesus, a drunk Randy and Morgan Freeman, who now runs a South Park taco joint which doubles as a kind of potion-concocting station. Don’t try fighting him though – he’ll fart your ass clear across town.


What’s The New Kid’s superhero back-story?

The New Kid gained his superhuman powers through a deep childhood trauma. After fighting off a gang of burglars, he entered his parents room, only to be faced with his worst nightmare. As Cartman narrates: “you saw your dad… fuck you mom”. NOOOOOOOO!!!



How is gameplay different from The Stick Of Truth?

Basic gameplay is similar, since there’s little that can be vastly enhanced about cartoons wobbling around a very flat town, but this time you’re out there completing superhero missions in order to fill out your character sheet. The character creation stages now include a chance to choose your race – the darker your skin, the harder the difficulty level, as you get less money for achievements and people treat you worse. There are also new mini-games to play, including a pillar-dodging game to get Kanye’s mom to heaven and a far more intricate quick-time shitting game to get hold of your nutty logs. The last game’s Facebook menu page is replaced by a Coonstagram system and combat is less sluggish and more dynamic too, with a new grid-based system allowing for more tactical movement and directed attacks. Oh, and you can invoke Moses to smite your foes. Obviously.



What else can we expect?

Trailers have contained glimpses of several people ‘cheesing’ with cats, so perhaps expect a cameo from the king of Kenny’s fantasy kingdom and his daughter’s “rocking tits”. There’s also an appearance by mad scientist Dr Mephisto who, we’d guess, may well be introducing the kids to his breed of superhuman mutants. And expect to have to fight off a couple of peodophile priests, transphobic rednecks and the Raisins waitresses early on too.