Soundtrack Of My Life: Steve Davis

Snooker player, prog fanatic and techno titan

The first song I remember hearing

The Tornados – ‘Telstar’

“It’s very hard for me to remember – I have a really bad memory. That’s probably a good thing for a snooker player and a sportsperson – you can forget all the bad moments that happen. I do remember hearing ‘Telstar’, which was an early electronic single that was in the charts, about a satellite. That was quite catchy.”

The song that got me interested in music


Unit 4 + 2 – ‘Concrete & Clay’

“It seemed a bit different to everything else that was around. One of the people in Unit 4 + 2 was a guy called Russ Ballard who went on to join a band called Argent, which I went on to like when I was older. Perhaps he was involved in the writing – that may have been what made my ears prick up.”

The first single I bought

Neil Young – ‘Heart Of Gold’

“I just loved it. At that stage I had pocket money, but I didn’t want to blow it all on the album so I just bought the single. I got that from a record shop in Woolwich.”

The first album I bought


Argent – ‘In Deep’

“It was progressive rock, but not like how prog rock turned out in the end. They had a bit more about them. The first proggy track I ever liked was Argent’s ‘Hold Your Head Up’ – it had a long keyboard solo in it. I’d never heard anyone go off on one like that. It was different to what was going on in the charts.”

The first gig I went to

Gentle Giant, London Theatre Royal, 1974

“They became my favourite prog rock artist. While most people went down the road of Yes and Genesis, I much preferred Gentle Giant. I thought they were a lot more inventive.”

The song I can no longer listen to

Chas & Dave – ‘Snooker Loopy’

“I don’t dislike it – but who’d have thought I’d have been a pop star with Chas & Dave and got to Number 6? We were ahead of Madonna and Whitney Houston in the charts! I’m not pooh-poohing it, but I feel like it’s been done to death.”

The song that makes me dance

Cyrus – ‘Inversion’

“It’s a dub techno record from a legendary label and artist called Basic Channel from Berlin, but they also put out music as Cyrus. They’re the grandfathers of dub techno – it’s not trance, but it’s trancelike. It goes on for quite a while – it’s a very infectious piece of music. You have to listen to it!”

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi are set to play this year’s Standon Calling, July 27-30 in Hertfordshire

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