These Stranger Things Recipes Will Make You Hungry For Barb’s Flesh

Netflix has released two slimy 'Stranger Things' recipes to whet your appetite

When I watched Stranger Things a couple of months ago, I was struck by how much I wanted to eat Barb’s face. That bit where Eleven finds her in the upside down, savaged by the Demogorgon, really had my stomach doing the rumbles.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be pleased to know that you can finally now eat her mangled face.

Hitting Halloween recipe season, Netflix have posted two videos to their YouTube channel offering tutorials on how to make ‘French Onion Barb’ and ‘Demogorgon pie’.


Stranger Things Recipe I: French Onion Barb

In this depiction of Barb, her face is transfigured into a giant bread roll that looks a little like Donald Trump.

The slime that engulfs her body is fried onion swimming in brown beef stock.

Dig your spoon into this delicious bowl of upside down slime.


Melted cheese creates a ‘slug crawling out of the mouth’ effect.

Stranger Things Recipe II: Demogorgon Pie

The Demogorgon gets re-imagined as a cherry pumpkin pie.

The innards are rather gloopy.

A lovely dish of liquid Demogorgon

Particularly upsetting are the Demogorgon teeth, made of slivered almonds that make the Demogorgon look like it has oozing pimples.

The Demogorgon slime is created using spun sugar caramel, and the overall effect is really quite delicious, if you’re into edible spider webs.

So if you’re planning on hosting a Halloween bash, then don’t just look the part with this awesome selection of costumes, be the perfect host by offering a slice of Stranger Things fun to your guests.