The alternative guide to Glastonbury 2022, from The Sistxrhood to San Remo

It's not all about the headliners, you know! Given that the Worthy Farm bash is the size of actual city, there's plenty to explore beyond the margins

You’ll have seen it said often when the world starts moaning about headliners – there’s more to Glastonbury than the main stages. It’s an adage that’s incredibly true, with dozens of intriguing and lesser-known spots tucked away all across Worthy Farm. Some of the most vibrant moments of the festival can be found in these spaces, so, as we anticipate the festival’s return this week, grab your map and get ready to get exploring.

The Sistxrhood

Sistxrhood, Glastonbury

Where is it? Nestled in the middle of the late-night haven that is Shangri-La, last seen with mirrors covering its doors.


What you’ll find there: The festival’s first women-only venue, which serves as a safe space for female-identifying and non-binary people. It started as a way to offer an environment to party in within Glastonbury where they could be free from potential harassment and platforms DJs and artists from within those communities, carving out space for non-male acts from within.

The Wood

Glastonbury The Wood
The Wood CREDIT: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Where is it? In the forest that covers the area next to the John Peel Stage.

What you’ll find there: When you think of relaxing at Glastonbury, your brain will likely automatically go to the Green Fields. But there’s another option – The Wood, a peaceful sanctuary that features theatrical performances for when you’ve had your fill of music for a bit and a midnight fire circle where you can let go of the day’s stresses and start anew.

The Spinney

Where is it? At the base of The Park area.

What you’ll find there: A new feature of The Park this year, The Spinney will provide another bolthole from the chaos of Worthy Farm, where you can chill out to what festival organisers call a “laidback soundtrack” and marvel over sculptures by ceramics artist Dorcas Casey.

The Secret Underground Piano Bar 


Where is it? Somewhere in the Green Fields, but you’ll have to hunt out its exact location.

What you’ll find there: A very atmospheric and sophisticated space where top-secret performances take place and erudite festival-goers can sip cocktails to congratulate themselves on finding this lowkey area. While you’re feeling smug, you might also have the chance to rub shoulders with some of the celebrities on-site – the piano bar has been known to draw A-listers into its walls, including Metallica’s James Hetfield and Bradley Cooper.

The Spike 

Glastonbury The Glade
The Glade CREDIT: Manuel Blondau/

Where is it: Look up in The Glade area.

What you’ll find there: A tree-top bar and stage that boasts interlinked levels, brilliant DJ sets and a different take on partying at the festival. There’s also live music, stand-up comedy and cabaret held up there, all set to take you a little higher – literally and figuratively.

San Remo 

Beat Hotel
Beat Hotel CREDIT: Leon Neal/Getty Images

Where is it: To the west of the Pyramid Stage, between John Peel and Silver Hayes.

What you’ll find there: The successor to the now-defunct Beat Hotel. San Remo is new to Glastonbury this year, taking the spot of the iconic party palace where revellers would dance until dawn (and then some). Expect similarly big vibes from the new space, with sets from Daniel Avery, Erol Alkan, Romy.