10 Best Films of 2008

It was a long and arduous process but I have finished watching every film of 2008. Well, every film released at my 14-screen multiplex. Final count 189 films, totalling 17,010 minutes, (at a modest estimate of 90 minutes per film).

That’s 283.5 hours. Or 12 whole days. On my own. In a dark room. But it’s all been worth it because I can now give you my ten mostest favouritest films of the year.

10. Pineapple Express
Most real ‘comedies’ this year have fallen flatter than a Jim Davidson gig at a Mosque. Thank Holy Allah for Pineapple Express then.
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9. Funny Games US
For all the fans of Hollywood and its dubious moral compass this is essential, intelligent cinema at its best.
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8. Juno
As an added bonus, like it really needs it, it includes the kind of soundtrack that you could discover your new five favourite bands on.
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7. Iron Man
For ‘leave the grey matter at home’, ‘think like a happy retard’ fare you can’t do better.
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6. In Bruges
It ticks every box – funny, intelligent, emotional, fuck it’s even quite romantic at some points.
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5. No Country For Old Men
Made my quest to watch every film released in 2008 start to look a lot easier. The problem will now be finding the time to watch the great ones more than once. And this is a great one.
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4. The Dark Knight
Nolan has created a film, nay a world, of the sort you rarely see in movies let alone the biggest release of the summer.
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3. There Will Be Blood
The ‘one man’s life ruled by power and greed’ theme evokes memories of Citizen Kane. There was a time when even to mention that movie in the same paragraph would need to be followed with ‘it’s not nearly as good as’ but this manages to actually stand up to the Grandpa of Movies.
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2. The Diving Bell and The Butterfly
While this film has an extra level of depth for anyone who takes great care or interest in the written word, the true quality of this film is that it is important for absolutely everyone living and breathing.
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1. Wall-E
Cuter than Natalie Portman wearing mittens, working in a button shop, surrounded by puppies and kittens.
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