10 Best Movie People To Follow On Twitter

Is Will Ferrell behind the fake Paramount twitter account? Well, probably not, but that’s the rumour that’s been circulating @ParamountFilms ever since it appeared Paramount wouldn’t be making Anchorman 2, and the satirical account has been taking constant side-swipes ever since (“We @ Paramount are proud 2 say that we’re sitting on loads of cash thanks to Iron Man 2. None of that cash will be going to make Anchorman 2”).

Frankly, though, we imagine Ferrell – who joined Twitter as himself only to quit after just a few days – probably has better things to do.
But what movie people should you follow on Twitter? We all know about Ashton Kutcher, but really, do you care? Here’s NME’s Top 10. Feel free to add your own.

Edgar Wright
Perhaps the most active film-director twitterer, the helmer of Hot Fuzz and the forthcoming comic book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs The World has clocked up a remarkable 3,101 tweets at the time of writing, covering everything from the punishing editing schedule of Scott Pilgrim (“Still in the edit at 23.35. I am now half man, half Avid. All cop”), his infectious love of everything slightly geeky, keeping in contact with fellow film-fans, and some plain oddness (“Someone please get high, eat a lot of cheese, watch Elm Street, Furry Vengeance and Human Centipede as a triple bill and then report back”).
Kevin Smith
Ah, yes, Kevin – the tweeter that roared, after being ejected from an aircraft for having an ass too fat for the seat, and turning it, via Twitter, into an international incident. A Twitter goliath with 1.6m followers, the indie filmmaker behind Clerks and (more recently, the much worse Cop Out) has found more fame online, notably engaging in a 24-hour Labour Day “tweetathon”.
Judd Apatow
A recent Twitter convert (he only joined in April), we’re putting Judd on our list more in hope than for previous twittering form. So far, the comedy maestro behind The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up has let us know about his latest project (“Day two of writing my next film. Kicked some ideas around with Paul Rudd. Then downloaded music onto iPad for several hours”) and has been ever-willing to ask those questions we all want answers to, like: “Is the A-Team [movie] based on a specific episode of the show?”
Milla Jovovich
The zombie-bothering star of the Resident Evil franchise is notable for just how much twittering she manages to cram into her hectic days. With over 3,000 tweets to date, and over a third of a million followers, expect several fun tit-bits from every film set she’s working on (Milla has actually been in trouble more than once for giving key plot points away), and a stream-of-consciousness text-speak that’s never short of an exclamation mark or 12. Example: “Anyways! U guys rock! I’ll b posting more once I get my situation more civilized over here. I hope u all hve a gr8 day/night wherever u r!!”

Armando Iannucci
With a new big-budget film in the works – reportedly a slapstick comedy with the working title of Out The Window – there’s no better time than to start following the comedy genius behind In The Loop, The Thick Of It and The Day Today. Can frequently be found musing on politics (“Breaking News: talks open on formation of Lab-Lib-Lady-Boy coalition”) and begrudgingly pimping his own stuff (“Series 3 of The Thick of It out on DVD next week. If you can take any more”).

Diablo Cody
One of the most endearing celeb twitters, the hip Oscar-winning writer of Juno, Jennifer’s Body and hit TV series The United States of Tara, Cody can frequently be found musing on future projects (“I will find a way to get involved with this “Roller Coaster Tycoon” movie. Even if I have to work the food truck”), taking care to answer almost everyone that tweets her, and just being plain lovely (“Watching an arthritic 90 year-old woman slooooowly open her purse to help a homeless guy. Some people are born good”). We admit it. NME has a little crush.

David Lynch
The reality-fiddling director – known for the surrealist masterpieces of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet – brings a healthy dose of weird to Twitter, mixing meteorologist-level weather reports (“Here in LA, DARK, GREY, COLD, RAINING. 55°F, 13°C”) to pondering the Republicans moving away, and asking his followers to admire the “virtual fireplace lamp” he made over the weekend (“thank you for the kind words on the lamp,” he later tweeted).

Matthew Perry
Thankfully, as funny – and dare we say it, a little funnier – than his on-screen alter-egos, the man-who-was-Bing keeps his followers updated on his latest sit-com Mr Sunshine, time spent out of work (“I watched playoff baseball for 11 straight hours today. It may be time for me to start thinking about getting a job. Go sox”), obsessive tweeting about Lost, and the perils of bad mid-flight films (“The Tooth Fairy is playing on my airplane. Four people have already walked out. They are of course now dead. Still, not a bad move”).

Jon Favreau
Another relative new-boy, the Iron Man 2 director and former Swingers star is rapidly closing in on a cool million followers, taking great care to point his followers to the projects of Iron Man fanboys (linking recently to a piece titled ‘Top 10 things you don’t want to hear from a guy dressed as Iron Man’), giving thanks to people watching Iron Man (“Thanks for making us #1 two weeks in a row!”), and, erm, Iron Man trending on Twitter (“I don’t believe it. Iron Man 2 is trending higher than Justin Bieber. Dreams really do come true!”). We imagine he’ll start talking more about latest project, graphic novel adaptation Cowboys & Aliens, from now on.

William Shatner
We know! What could be better? Shatner! On Twitter! Treating web 2.0 as if he’s a Victorian gent sending affection letters to a grandson – signing off every tweet with “My best, Bill” – Shatner ranges between plugging unsold tickets for the Hollywood Charity Horse Show (what? There are some left??) to winding up old Star Trek chums (“Come out of ‘retirement’ @TheRealNimoy. I got an exciting record I’m working on. You’d be perfect to add another voice to it. My best, Bill”), and even cracking the odd gag (“By the way, my wife owns the rights to my pouty face. My best, Bill”). But best is the news that Shatner is going meta, having just been confirmed to star in a sit-com called Bleep My Dad Says, where he will play a cranky father whose rants are captured by a Twitter-obsessed son with a million followers. This could get very strange.