13 Painfully Awkward TV Interviews With Film Stars That Will Make You Cringe – Watch

Discussing his new movie The Intern with a Radio Times journalist recently, Robert De Niro took badly to the ‘negative inference’ of questions about whether it’s hard for him to avoid slipping into autopilot on set after so many years acting. Eventually he simply left the interview, telling the interviewer, “I’m not doing it, darling.” Here are some other cringe-tastic movie star chats – be prepared to watch most of them through your fingers…

Cara Delevingne drowns Good Day Sacramento hosts in sarcasm

Promoting her movie Paper Towns in July last year, model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne served up some dry British wit during a US morning television interview. Her sarky responses to the hosts’ banal, rude questions just make us like her more, to be honest.

Robert Downey Jr walks out on Channel 4 News

The legendary RDJ so takes against Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s attempts to get him to talk about his drinks and drugs past that he storms out of the interview. ‘I’m sorry – what are we doing?’ he says, before removing his mic, despite Krishnan’s apologies.

Quentin Tarantino gets angry on Channel 4 News

Krishnan! Wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon! This time he’s pissing off Quentin Tarantino by trying to get him to make a link between movie violence and real life violence. “I’m shutting your butt down!” gasps the Pulp Fiction director.

Tarantino shouts down Kill Bill critic

Guru-Murthy wasn’t the first to be on the receiving end of some Quentin’s exasperation. Here he is made to defend Kill Bill, which he insists has strong feminist themes, to history’s strangest-dressed TV show anchor, who reckons its ultraviolence is bad news for kiddies.

Samuel L Jackson mistaken for Laurence Fishburne

Perhaps the pinnacle of awkward tv interviews is the time a US news anchor decided to ask Samuel L Jackson about his Super Bowl commercial. Except the actor had never made one. “I’m not Laurence Fishburne!” stated an exasperated Jackson. “We don’t all look alike!”

Bruce Willis umms his way through the One Show

Hollywood legend Bruce Willis doesn’t look terribly happy to be on the sofa of BBC 1’s most ramshackle flagship show. He looks even less comfortable when the hosts bring up his 1980s acting roles and cheesy singing career. Poor fella.

Mila Kunis takes charge during a Radio 1 interview

To be fair, this is more endearing than awkward. When Mila sees that her interviewer is somewhat stressed to be in her presence, she decides to indulge his inane chatter about football and pints, rather than promo-ing her new movie. Nice one, Mila.

Jonah Hill loses it during Superbad interview

‘Superbad’ star Jonah Hill doesn’t take too kindly to the interviewer’s backhanded line of questioning, with zingers like ‘how do you feel now that you’ve peaked?’ alongside digs at his weight. ‘Is this English dry wit?’ stammers a frustrated Hill. It’s truly awkward – until you’re told it’s all a set-up and the interviewer is director Edgar Wright of Spaced fame.

Helen Mirren faces sexist Parkinson interview

Parky gets pervy in this difficult to watch interview from – when else – the 1970s. Deciding to talk about her more about her figure rather than her career, Mirren stays surprisingly calm as she bats off Parkinson’s physically-focussed questions. “Serious actresses can’t have big busoms, is that what you mean?” she sighs.

Meg Ryan gets awkward on Parkinson

Parkinson again places himself on the wrong side of a female interviewee, winding up Meg the wrong way back in 2003. Ryan later branded the British chat show host ‘a nut’ after he berated her for being naked in a film. “That guy was like some disapproving father! It’s crazy. I don’t know what he is to you guys, but he’s a nut… I was so offended by him.”

Tom Cruise’s sofa jumping meltdown on Oprah

Undoubtedly one of the weirdest televisiion moments of all time, Tom Cruise’s hyperactive freak-out on Oprah’s chatshow will go down in history for its oddness. “Dear God, you are gone,” uttered Oprah as he extolled the virtues of his new squeeze, Katie Holmes. “I’m gone and I don’t care!” was his bonkers response.

Joaquin Phoenix airs his awkward new character on Letterman

Unbeknownst to the world, Joaquin Phoenix’s monotone appearance on Letterman in 2010 was part of a situationist style prank wrapped up in the making of his 2010 mockumentary I’m Still Here. At the time however, we just thought he was being a plonker.

Oliver Reed gets spied on for The Word

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to strange telly interviews with English acting royalty Olly Reed. Despite sporting a giant leather jacket and no shirt, he managed to maintain some kind of boozy decorum despite the presenters of 1990s shock-show The Word revealed they’d been spying on his dressing room. “Gosh, that was a surprise,” he said with an eye roll.