Let’s all take a long, hard look at this photo of the Oscar nominees

There's much to discuss.

This year’s Oscar nominees got together in Hollywood yesterday, to enjoy a fancy lunch, hobnob, and have a lovely photo taken. It will be on their mantle piece for some time, and no doubt. The ceremony doesn’t take place until February 26, so in the meantime we have this starry snap to dissect. What’s going on with Matt Damon’s shirtsleeves? Just where is Meryl Streep? Join us as  we take a deep, deep dive into the 89th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon.

It was dress-down Tuesday for Pharrell


To be fair, at least his jumper bears a NASA logo, in reference to the NASA-themed movie, Hidden Figures, that he wrote soundtrack songs for. A space suit would probably have been more appropriate, though the helmet would have made him harder to identify.

Matt Damon is more shirtsleeve than man


Someone get this guy a tailor.

This woman looks like she’s seen something in the distance


Possibly a really cute dog, the kind with a fluffy tail. Just a guess, but judging by the glee on her face, probably not an inaccurate one.

The dude on the far right clearly blagged his way in


He was obviously in a meeting about the catering for the event, and someone said, “You’re late! Quick, get in there quick, you should be just about in time”, so he panicked and allowed himself to be ushered in. And now, here he is forever immortalised in this enduring photograph of the 89th Academy Awards luncheon. Smashed it.

This dude in the middle is star-struck by the Oscar statue


You’re in the same room as Ryan Gosling! Emma Stone! Casey Affleck! Denzel Washington! And you’re bugging out about the big gold guy?

Where’s Meryl Streep?












She’s nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance as an opera singer of questionable talent in Florence Foster Jenkins. Maybe she at home, glued to Twitter, breathlessly awaiting Donald Trump’s latest tweet about her – but don’t bet on it.

The chap gesturing to the camera is just happy to be there


And yeah, we’d be exactly the same.

Mel Gibson looks like his own mugshot


Well, obviously he does, the man’s only got one face. But he is pulling exactly the same expression while posing for this photo, taken to celebrate his Best Director nomination for his WWII drama Hacksaw Ridge, that he pulled after being arrested for drink-driving. Mel Gibson’s face is permanently set to ‘sheepish’.

Tarell Alvin McCraney (up top), the writer behind Moonlight, is a bit of a show-off


And justifiably so. The film (which is based on his play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue ), the  tale of a young black man finding his way through life in Miami, is up for eight awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. McCraney is very to keen that you don’t forget this. Either that or, you know, he’s refencing 305, the Miami area code. Either way!