3 Things Rocking The Movie World This Week (11/09/09)

Film Of The Week
For those of you who run a mile at self-consciously indie rom-coms, the film to go see this week is‘Adventureland’, another self-consciously indie rom-com. But to give it its due, its much more ‘Dazed And Confused set in 1987’ than ‘(500) Days of Nick and Juno’.

From the director of ‘Superbad’, ‘Adventureland’ tells the more than relatable story of the ‘summer you had that shit job’. Without resorting to too many dick jokes (although one character does like to cock-punch people) and without making the 80’s look, well, really 80’s, ‘Adventureland’ is a fun, easy, couple of hours with a less than obvious are defining soundtrack. You may never want to hear Falco ever again after. That’s if you wanted to hear them before.

In The News
Forget Jacko, the big news this week in the ‘musician biopic that everyone wants to see’ is, wait for it, ‘Barry Manilow: The Musical!’ That’s right, the man whose music was once used to enforce a curfew on scallywag youths in Austria (i.e. the locals played it loud between 21:00 and 0:00 to get kids to fuck off home) is now getting his own movie.


With Tom Hanks and Michael Stipes’s production companies involved this may not quite be the shitfest that the lounge singers repertoire of songs to make your Grandma cum might suggest. If done with the right amount of tongue in cheek this could (and I emphasise the word ‘could’) be pretty damn funny. Taxi to the Capocabana!

New Trailer
George Clooney can do no wrong in my book (okay he did ‘Batman and Robin’ but ultimately that saved the world of comic book movies in a roundabout way) and ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats’ looks like a wonderful cross-between Coen brothers lunacy and the more pseudo-political work of Clooney the director.

With a support cast of Bridges doing the Dude, Spacey doing the deadpan and McGregor attempting the accent, ‘Goats’ – as it shall henceforth be known by lazy people who don’t like long titles – looks like a treat.

What are your thoughts on the above? Anything I’ve missed rocking the movie world this week? Also while you’re here and this is an all new feature, What would you like to see more of, trailers, news, reviews? All words will be lovingly read.