5 Films You Should See This Month

From now on, the freshly-launched NME.COM/Movies section will be regularly bringing you the the movies that matter at the cinema.
Find out what’s being released here, then separate the best from the worst in one easy read packed with the latest must-watch trailers:

1. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Who’s in it? Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. Don’t worry, you won’t have heard of her.
Why see it? The first in a trilogy of adaptations of the late Stieg Larsson’s ridiculously successful Millennium novels, it’s a smart thriller that’s actually thrilling, and doesn’t have the kind of implausible ending that makes you want to hurt the person sitting next to you. It sees Rapace as bad-ass punk-hacker Lisbeth Salander, solving, with the help of a middle-aged journalist side-kick, a 30-year-old disappearance involving Nazis, sadists, and corporate cover-ups. That makes it sounds rubbish. It’s not.
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2. Exit Through The Gift Shop

Who? Banksy, he of the much-heralded street-art. Though don’t expect to, you know, actually see him.
Why see it? Because you won’t have seen anything else quite like it. Billed as “the world’s first street art disaster movie”, it’s part documentary – looking at how Banksy operates, all be it a pixelated Banksy – part art-prank video, and part total fiction. We told you it was different.
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3. Shutter Island

Who? Martin Scorsese back together with his boy-muse, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Why see it? Because it’s Scorsese letting himself off the leash. Yes, this isn’t exactly up there with Goodfellas or Taxi Driver. But what it is is a deliriously fun and strange ghost-train ride through B-movie cinema as DiCaprio must solve a mystery at the heart of the titular prison.
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4. I Love You, Philip Morris

Who? Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor.
Why see it? Because it’s one of the year’s funniest comedies so far – and it’s not even strictly just a comedy, so it must be good. A kind of Catch Me If You Can meets Brokeback Mountain, it’s certainly off-beat, centring around the real-life story of cop-turned-conman-turned-convict-turned-serial-escapee Steven Russell (Carrey) and his repeated attempts to get back to the love of his life: Philip Morris (McGregor). Strange but true.
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5. Kick-Ass

Who? Aaron Johnson and, slightly more celeby, Nicholas Cage.
Why see it? Because it’s about a group of superheros who aren’t really superheros at all – and it’s incredibly funny. Based on the cult comic from Mark Miller that sees a kid with nothing more than willpower and a high pain threshold (Johnson) form a crime-fighting gang, this is set to be one of the cult hits of the year.
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