The Perfect Soundtracks To Fall In And Out of Love To

Whilst watching Bon Iver at Glastonbury one year I couldn’t help but think he’d dealt himself a pretty bum hand. When writing his tribute to his lost love he must have been thinking, ‘Hey this is pretty cathartic, getting her out of my system through songs’. Not thinking that he’d have to tour said album and be reminded of his lost love every single bloody night (see also Charlie Fink, although if I had, and then subsequently lost, Laura Marling I’d never leave the house again).


No, these singers have it all wrong. Instead they should have written a film about it and moved on. Like the makers of ‘(500) Days Of Summer’. Then you get to make your favourite mix-tape about it and release that. Genius! After all, no one band can articulate the feelings of being high as a kite, head-over heels in love with someone and at the same time show the crushing defeat of rejection. Except maybe The Spice Girls.

But compilation CD’s. This is how you remember someone. And with the Soundtrack to ‘(500) Days Of Summer’, the makers have created a string of songs that from this day forth will evoke recollections of the two leads, Tom and Summer.

The masterstroke of this CD isn’t just that when you play it after you’ve seen the film it flashes you back to the movie, but that it represents the highs and lows of that crazy little thing called love just as well as the film does.

The Joy Of Sex is represented with Hall and Oates’ ‘You Make My Dreams’. Which may have now pipped ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ to the song you hum while twirling round lamposts to, after a long, healthy bout of first time intercourse.

Longing and hope are covered in ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’. A Smiths song that so perfectly encapsulates the main characters naive thoughts it could have won an Oscar for Best Original Song had it not been written 20 years previously.

Throw in some Regina Spektor, Doves and Wolfmother and even if you think the film is a steaming pile of girly nonsense (it’s really not) you can’t help but admire the thought and care put into making sure the music fits the mood of the characters.

And from now until the end of time whenever I hear ‘There Is Light That Never Goes Out’ I’ll hear Summer singing along. To die in Zooey’s arms would be a heavenly way to die indeed.

As you can guess by the more than glowing look at the soundtrack I’m quite a fan of the film and an equally gushing review will follow soon. For now though, here are some more soundtracks to help you fall in (and out) of love.

The Graduate
The grandaddy of the OST. It’s now a criminal offence not to put Simon and Garfunkel on a soundtrack and here’s why. The Sound Of Silence, Scarborough Fair and, of course, Mrs Robinson, folk music is storytelling. So why not help your story out by adding some more.

You must remember this, ‘Casablanca’ would be a lesser work of art if it wasn’t for the music behind it. ‘It Had To Be You’, and ‘As Times Goes By’ help evoke Rick and Isla’s doomed relationship but the standout musical moment has to be the dualling songs of “Die Wacht am Rhein”/”La Marseillaise”. Viva la France, indeed.

Garden State
Like you need any other stimulant to help you fall in love with Natalie Portman. The soundtrack could have featured nothing but a building crew knocking down an orphange while the children were still inside and it’d still be the cutest little movie about brand new love. Thankfully it was Nick Drake, Iron and Wine and, who else, Simon and Garfunkel that tracked the sound to Zach Braff’s adorable debut and not the horrendous image I just put in your heads. And it helped make The Shins everyones favourite band for about a week.

High Fidelity
You’d best fricking hope a film about music and love would get the soundtrack right. ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ by The Thirteenth Floor Elevators should be on everyones break-up CD (if you don’t have a break-up CD make one, they’re very useful) and ‘Fallen For You’ by Sheila Nicholls should be on everyone’s ‘I really like you!’ CD (just don’t ever mail it). High Fidelity rounds things off with Aretha, Bob, The Kinks, Stevie, Barry, The Jam… I think we have a winner.

Any more for any more. Post below. And yes, I know my taste is twee-er than a Twi-hard fan at a tweeting convention. I’m just a sensitive caring individual. That’s all. And if you post negative comments I’ll shit down your necks.