Annabelle: Creation

Watch a terrifying exclusive preview of ‘Annabelle: Creation’

The prequel to Annabelle and The Conjuring is coming on Friday

If you’ve been paying attention to The Conjuring horror franchise, you’ll be aware that we’ve had two Conjuring films, one Annabelle spinoff film, and that there’s a couple of forthcoming spinoffs called The Nun and The Crooked Man. First, though, is Annabelle: Creation, a prequel to the Conjuring prequel that was 2014’s Annabelle. Still with us? Good. It only gets darker from here.

The new film centres on the origins of the Annabelle doll, made by toymaker Samuel Mullins. In the film, Mullins and his wife Esther have lost their daughter 12 years previously, and they open their home up to a nun and several girls from an orphanage which has closed. The possessed doll Annabelle targets the girls one by one, and the film becomes a properly nasty horror.

Ahead of its release on Friday (August 11) we’ve got hold of an exclusive clip from the new film, above, in which Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) tries to negotiate with a little girl called Janice before she transforms under the spell of Annabelle. Mullins clutches a crucifix and aims it at the girl-turned-monster, but its powers are so great that they manage to bend his fingers back to breaking point: the final shot we see is of Annabelle’s porcelain face fixed into a permanent smile: horrifying.

See the new clip above and watch the full film trailer below:

Annabelle: Creation is released on Friday, August 11.