Aquaman – stars Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson and director James Wan on the Superman of the sea

Aquaman splashes down in cinemas tomorrow, promising a wet spectacle that puts the fishy Justice League member – played by the ever-likeable hulk of a man Jason Momoa – in centre frame.

The movie, the latest in the sometimes beleaguered DC Universe films, promises to be the fun counterpoint to the likes of Batman Versus Superman; Aquaman’s is a colourful undersea world peopled by giant crustaceans, fish people, even dinosaurs. Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter.

To mark the release of the film, we caught up with Aquaman himself, James Momoa, Patrick Wilson, who plays his half-brother/nemesis Orm and horror-meister James Wan, who took the directing reigns on the superhero spectacular.


Watch the videos below.

Jason Momoa, Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Patrick Wilson, Orm

James Wan, director