Avengers 4 – release date, cast, trailers and everything we know so far

The countdown has already begun to the follow-up to 2018's 'Avengers: Infinity War' as fans prepare for the end of MCU’s third phase

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 22nd film will no doubt be billed as being bigger and better than any of the 21 films that preceded it, but Avengers 4 really could take the crown as the Daddy of the franchise come 2019.

The sequel to this year’s box office smashing Avengers: Infinity War (which’ll be the 19th film in the MCU, for anyone who’s counting), Avengers 4 – or, if you want to be official, the Untitled Avengers Sequel – is set to arrive in UK cinemas in April 2019 to bring about the end of the franchise’s Phase Three. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already been hyping up the importance of Avengers 4, saying it “will bring things you’ve never seen in superhero films: a finale.”

With just under a year to go until Avengers 4 hits screens, we’ve rounded up all the information that’s currently available on the film for your reading pleasure – and we’ll keep it updated as more details about the movie emerge in the coming weeks and months.

Latest updates:

  • Avengers 4 is currently estimated to have a three-hour running time, according to director Joe Russo
  • It seems like the synopsis for a new trailer might have been revealed – and time travel could prove integral
  • Mark Ruffalo has said that he accidentally revealed the title – but all isn’t necessarily as it seems.
  • Tessa Thompson flies to Avengers 4 set with Chris Hemsworth – sparking rumours ‘Valkyrie’ could be returning
  • Jeremy Renner teases Hawkeye’s return
  • Mark Ruffalo speaks on the Hulk’s future
  • Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reveals why Captain Marvel is so important to the fourth film
  • The delay with the Guardians of the Galaxy production could affect the plot of Avengers 4, according to Dave Bautista
  • Dave Bautista also revealed that his character had filmed a part for the new Avengers 4 movie.
  • Karen Gillan (Nebula) teases major showdown between her character and Thanos

What is the title and release date for Avengers 4?

The film – which is currently going by the title Untitled Avengers Sequel – will be released in the UK on April 26, 2019, and in the US on May 3, 2019.

As for the title, Mark Ruffalo teased fans that he’d accidentally revealed it during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“I trust that you will cut my spoiler slip on the show tonight. That was “off the record” homey. Please don’t get me in trouble with Marvel (Barry) again. DM me back”, he wrote.

Ruffalo, of course, is known for letting the cat out of the bag – having inadvertently revealed the Infinity War ending a year before it was released. 

When the footage aired, it saw Ruffalo’s admission being bleeped. But has he revealed it? Probably not – we think he’s having one over on the fans here.

The Russo brothers were seemingly in on the joke too, telling Mark he’s fired…

In response, he pleaded: “Guys,can we talk about this?”

But in a final twist, he DID reveal the title that he’d blurted out on the show. Well, kind of…

“Sir, please reveal the Avengers 4 title officially…”, one fan pleaded.

He aptly responded: “It’s Avengers 4: Register to Vote”.

Is the trailer out yet?

It is not – which isn’t too surprising given that Avengers: Infinity War only hit UK cinemas in April.

If Avengers 4 follows the same schedule as Infinity War, then we can expect a full trailer for the former in November 2018.

However, a Reddit user claims to have seen the trailer – and they’ve outlined exactly what happens. As they attempt to defeat Thanos, it seems that the Avengers are going back in time. Literally. Oh, and there’s the small matter of a title reveal…

Check out the synopsis in full below…

The trailer starts off showing the damaged Infinity Gauntlet in a field on the farm planet. As the camera focuses in on the Gauntlet, we hear Tony’s voice: “We were destined to lose.” Epic music score starts.

The Quinjet is shown landing in a Wakandan wasteland as we hear Steve Rogers say: “We have come so far.” Tony and Nebula step off the jet as the remaining Avengers approach. Steve has a look of relief and says: “Tony”. Tony, seemingly defeated, shakes his head and gives a friendly smirk back to Cap.Marvel Studios Logo appears.

We get a glimpse of the Battle of New York from 2012 Avengers. Loki is shown looking shocked and baffled as he is on top of the Stark tower. There is a flash of a blue light as the camera pans back. (Cuts to black) Next we see the Wakandan throne with M’Baku at the helm. He’s surrounded by his new kingsguard. (A mix of the hill tribe and Dora Milaje). Shuri and Banner are seen working on a new project in the lab.

Black Widow, in full gear, is in Hawkeye’s family home from Age of Ultron. Basically everything is thrown all over the place and broken. Nat is studying some type of map with multiple photos and locations on it. A quick shot of Thanos is shown with a long sword, walking down an alleyway in New York City. The next shot is a dark hooded figure with glowing eyes, aiming a bow and arrow before shooting towards the camera.

(1-2 visuals of the Quantum Realm) Scott Lang (no suit) is shown running through a park dodging explosions. (Shot of Space) Thor and Valkyrie are aboard a Kree ship. Thor says: “If the stories are true, you’re our universe’s last hope. If such a thing even exists anymore”. The next shot is an older, determined Tony Stark walking through the new SHIELD HQ’s (Avengers Facility in upstate New York). He’s in full SHIELD attire and carrying an orange briefcase.

Banner (wearing spandex) is seen running from something, looking terrified. The next shot is Ant-Man appearing out of a flash of light and landing in a desolate place. We see it from his point of view from inside his helmet. He looks left to right and to his left again and says: “What in the-“.

(Camera focuses on Vormir and its stars) Next, a shot of Rocket and Nebula modifying some new weapons in the lab. Rocket says “When can we try this bad boy out?” They both smile at eachother and fist-bump. We get our first glimpse of Iron Man in his red and gold nanotech armor. Hulk falls from the sky and lands in front of him. Thanos, in full armor, smiles. Hulk smiles back. The next shot is in Japan.

War Machine, Nat, and Steve (in their full Avengers gear) are surrounded by The Yakuza. Hawkeye (Ronin) walks through everybody from behind them and approaches the Avengers. There’s an intense exchange of looks between Clint and Natasha (Next shot is at the Sanctum) Wong is communicating with Dr. Strange’s soul via portal. (Cuts to black) Grey haired Tony Stark and Ant-Man are in a post-apocalyptic NYC. The screen flashes back and forth multiple times through multiple scenes.

We see Captain Marvel floating with her fists on fire and her eyes lit up. Thanos in the soul stone with young Gamora screaming at him Loki and Thor fighting off Chitauri together. And Tony handing Steve a brand new shield in the Wakandan throne room. (Cuts back to Tony and Scott) Tony opens the orange briefcase as Scott hands him an illuminated bracelet.

Tony asks: “How?… Is this even possible?” (Iron Man and Ant-Man are shown travelling through the Quantum Realm. Tony and Scott are back in the battle of New York from 2012. The final shot before the title reveal is an Infinity Stone disappearing from Thanos’ damaged gauntlet. He abruptly gets up and puts on his armor. His face goes from extremely infuriated to a menacing smile.

Title reveal:

Avengers: Annihilation


The Hulk is training at the new SHIELD facility with Black Widow and Steve. Steve notices that Hulk has been training non-stop as of late, so he asks why. Hulk responds in Banner’s normal voice with: “My rematch is coming real soon, I can feel it!”

Is Avengers 4 the second part of Infinity War?


Originally, Infinity War was set to be released in two parts – Part 1 and Part 2 – but on May 4, 2016 the Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that this was no longer the case. The first film will retain the title Infinity War, while the second – aka Avengers 4 – is currently untitled.

“The movies are two very different movies,” Joe Russo said earlier this year. “The intention is we will change it; we just haven’t come up with the titles yet. But yes, we will change it.”

Do we have any idea of the plot for Avengers 4?

Details on the plot of the new film are scarce at present, but the events of Avengers 4 will surely pick up from where Infinity War leaves off next year – especially given that Avengers 4 is being treated as a sequel.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, we saw Thanos (Josh Brolin) successfully collecting all six infinity stones, and managing to complete his grand plan: removing half of the universe’s population from existence. As he did this, we saw him get rid of Black Panther, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch and Star-Lord, amongst others. The sequel will undoubtedly deal with the loss of all the heroes, and that massive cliff hanger we were left on.

In June, Popbuzz reported that Marvel Studios shared two featurettes to fans at CineEurope in Barcelona – one from Avengers 4 and one from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. If what has been reported is true, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) have a discussion in the film about multiple realities. This suggests that Ant-Man will have a sizeable part in the movie. But this was all according to a Reddit user who watched the featurettes. Believe what you will.

A new interview with Robert Downey Jr., meanwhile, could have revealed a spoiler for the upcoming movie. Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter have noticed the background in a recent video interview with the actor is suspiciously similar to that of Shuri’s lab in Infinity War.

“Just letting you guys know that Tony meeting Shuri and going to Wakanda is basically confirmed from this photo,” wrote @SpideySensesYou. “It’s his A4 look with the blonde hair and gray beard. Also the background is the same as Shuris in Infinity War.”

Speaking to Digital Spy, Dave Bautista said that the hold-up in production of the latest Guardians of the Galaxy film could now affect the plot of Avengers 4.

He said: “It’s kind of a strange situation to be in now where we’ve lost our director for GuardiansGuardians 3 is really up in the air and I don’t know what they’re going to do with it.”

“It’s on permanent hold for now, and that may make a difference in what they do with our characters in Avengers 4. To be honest with you, right now I really don’t know.”

“But I know I’m in Avengers 4. I’ve shot most of it already. I do have two days of reshoots. But other than that, I have some really great scenes that I hope they use. But I guess that it remains to be seen what they’ll do with the characters.”

Avengers 4

The Hulk

Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo has spoken out about the Hulk’s future in Avengers 4. Appearing on The Marvelists podcast, he discussed his character’s part in the upcoming movie, saying he had had some say in his storyline.

I can’t really talk about it, what I want, because I’ve had so much a hand in where it’s going, my own little hand,” he said when asked what he wanted for the Hulk from the film. “But I will say that I want to see this conflict [between Bruce Banner and his alter-ego] carried out and see where that takes us and see, can they come to terms with it?”

Heapin’ Helpin’ of Hulks (with Special Guests Lou Ferrigno and Mark Ruffalo) by The Marvelists

This week on The Marvelists, Peter and Eddie go green with rage. Well, not really rage. Maybe extreme giddiness (but I digress). The boys are joined alongside with “Puny” Bruce Banner before and after the gamma bomb went off. Yes, we have a Hulk as we are joined with both Lou Ferrigno and Mark Ruffalo.

He continued: “Do they get a moment? I always thought it would be great to see them in some sort of subspace where they get to battle it out with Banner’s brains as some sort of his own superpower, like psych weaponry or psi weaponry against Hulk’s brute strength and have these two characters battle it out.

“I always thought that would be the ultimate comic book ending or something, opening to these characters.”

In September 2018, Karen Gillan – who plays Thanos’s ‘daughter’ Nebula in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Infinity War – teased the idea that Nebula will have a big showdown with her father.

The 30-year-old wrote on a Instagram post, which showed numerous early alarm calls for reshoots: “You know what this means… Nebula has some unfinished business with Daddio.”

Since Nebula was one of the only Guardians left after Thanos killed off half of the universe, it’s likely she’ll want revenge on her father.

One new detail which emerged on November 8 is in regards to Avengers 4‘s running time. Director Joe Russo revealed in an Instagram Q&A (see above) that it is currently estimated to be a three-hour-long film – meaning that it’ll be the longest Marvel film to date.

“The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three hours. We’ll see if that holds,” Russo said. “We’re about halfway through the editing process… we’re really just scratching the surface on our VFX shots. There are more than 3,000 VFX shots in the movie; those require a lot of time and thought and energy and effort, and we’re very early in the phase of getting VFX done. We’ve just started work with Alan Silvestri on the score, and we’re still editing picture at this point.”

I’ve heard it’s going to feature time travel?

Yeah! Well, maybe. In a series of on set photos we saw the Avengers back at the battle of New York, but whilst Captain America and Thor are wearing their original uniforms (as seen in 2012’s The Avengers), we also see Tony Stark in totally different getup to how he originally appeared, and Ant-Man is also there – giving the impression the duo somehow travelled back in time to the battle.

In addition, Popbuzz’s June 2018 report says that Tony Stark and Scott Lang are talking about a technology that allows the Avengers to go to multiple realities and collect the infinity stones. There’s speculation among fans that this is to do with the Quantum Realm, which is featured in Ant-ManDoctor Strange and the upcoming Captain Marvel. If true, Avengers 4 will break the rules of time and space to grab the infinity stones back from Thanos.

But Thanos turned everyone into dust! Are they coming back?

Probably? With sequels to Black Panther and Spider-Man planned for release, surely not everyone can remain as dust! Also, looking at IMDb, a host of the characters who met their ends in Infinity War are listed on the cast list for Avengers 4.

So who is in the cast?

IMDb have published a long list of the actors who are due to star in Avengers 4, which include Karen Gillan (who plays Nebula), Brie Larson (Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel), Josh Brolin (Thanos), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America) and Evangeline Lilly (Hope van Dyne / The Wasp).

Also set to appear are Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark / Iron Man), Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton / Hawkeye), Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan), Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa / Black Panther), Gwyneth Paltrow (Rescue / Pepper Potts), Pom Klementieff (Mantis) and Ty Simpkins (Harley Keener).

According to Digital SpyTessa Thompson may be returning to the line-up as Valkyrie after her and Chris Hemsworth started sharing some Instagram Stories of them seemingly travelling to the set of Avengers 4 together.

Thompson played Valkyrie alongside Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok but did not, to the surprise of many, appear in Avengers: Infinity War. The two are also currently filming Men in Black together.

Is Hawkeye returning?

After his absence in Avengers: Infinity War, we can only presume that Hawkeye will return for the film’s sequel.

But Jeremy Renner is remaining coy – posting a teasing Instagram photo.

“Day is done! It’s Friday … enjoy your weekend everyone @marvel@avengers #purplebadguy #hawkeye#widow? #avengers? #A6 ? #sendinglove #cawcawmfs#isanyonegonnashowup??? #whoISstillALIVE?“, he wrote.

And what about Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson) is definitely going to appear in Avengers 4. In the end credits scene of Infinity War we saw her being summoned by Nick Fury and Maria Hill (before they turned into dust), so it could be that Captain Marvel is coming to the rescue.

Going by a new update by Feige on September 7, Marvel is going to play a significant role and she could be as bad ass as Thanos himself.

Feige told Entertainment Weekly: “She is more powerful than any character we’ve introduced thus far. So that alone tells you that there’s a reason Nick hit that button at the end, when he realised that they were up against something far bigger than they had ever been up against before.

“And having her on your side is hopefully going to change the balance of power in a way that they desperately need.”

Who’s directing?

The Russo brothers. After directing Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the brothers – Joe and Anthony – have taken the reins for Avengers 4 after also helming Infinity War.

Separately, the brothers have directed numerous episodes of Arrested Development and Community.

The script has been written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who also penned the screenplay for Infinity War.

When did Avengers 4 start shooting?

Avengers 4 started shooting on August 10, 2017, and production is due to continue through to July 2018.

It started filming under the working title Mary Lou 2Infinity War of course went by the name Mary Lou during production.

Will everybody appear on screen together at any point?

Hell yeah! Sebastian Stan (who plays Bucky Barnes) revealed that there is one scene where tons of the cast will appear on screen together. Speaking to The Independent, he revealed: “There was one scene, I think, we had where everybody was there. I can’t really talk about that scene, but I knew it took them three months in planning this scene to have everyone there. You look around and you just saw everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Douglas to Michelle Pfeiffer. Everybody was there.”

Where is filming taking place?

Filming began straight after production wrapped on Avengers: Infinity War, with a number of the locations that were used for Infinity War also being utilised for Avengers 4.

This includes Pinewood Atlanta Studios in the US state of Georgia, downtown Atlanta, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Production on the film in Georgia was affected back in September due to the effects of Hurricane Irma.