What if Barack Obama channelled Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister to stay in the White House?

"This my house. We have to defend it."

Donald Trump’s inauguration is happening tomorrow, but how does Barack Obama, the most beloved President in recent history, feel about the ham-faced “pussy” grabber taking his place in the White House?

Not good, according to this fantastic cartoon made by BuzzFeed’s senior web artist Jen Lewis, which reimagines Home Alone with Obama in Macaulay Culkin’s role. Making ingenious use of actual sound clips of Obama speaking, she’s cast him as a woolly-hat-wearing home defender who vows to keep ol’ Trump out of his house.

Like Kevin, Culkin’s character in the original film, he lays traps to keep out bad buggers. These include baubles to trip up intruders, a red-hot door handle and tarred-up stairs. At the end, First Lady Michelle Obama takes the role originally fulfilled by Kevin’s mum (Catherine O’Hara), waking up to the sudden realisation that – oh bloody hell! – she’s left Barack at home to his own devices. You’d have thought the man capable of leading the free world could look after himself, but there you go.

Also: some irony in the fact that the original Home Alone is a right-wing dream and Kevin almost definitely grew up to be a deranged Republican nightmare. The film’s late director John Hughes was a lifelong Republican who supported Ronald Reagan, who arguably set the mould for demented celebrities becoming Presidents. What would he have made of this hippie Democratic remake?

We’ll never know, but one thing is for certain: Donald Trump is going to get the shock of his life when he lays his tiny hand on that red-hot doorknob tomorrow.