Ben Stiller’s Son Does Blue Steel Better Than Him

Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Sofia Coppola, Jane Fonda and now, to this short, esteemed list of kids that lived up to their famous parents’ notable careers we can add ten-year-old Quinlin Stiller.

Having spent time with his family in Rome during the filming of Zoolander 2, young Quinn was clearly trained in the master art of the Blue Steel. Come the New York premiere, he stole the show during the red carpet photo call with his parents and sister Ella by throwing an even better mirror pout than his dad, presumably angling for a cameo in Zoolander 3.

It makes a change from the children of famous celebrities being embarrassed by their A-list parents. Poor Jaden Smith is constantly cringing over his dad Will kissing him in public, Brooklyn Beckham was mortified to watch his dad David telling Jimmy Kimmel about chaperoning his son’s first date on national US TV and Lourdes Leon banned her mum from coming to her university football games because, well, she’s Madonna. At least Frances Bean Cobain doesn’t mind imitating her parents, perfecting both the Kurt mope and the Courtney pout in her time…